Dress up your cat from Naruto and it’s the cutest thing you’ll see today

There is no doubt that the cultural legacy that the Naruto universe has left in the manga and anime scene has been enormous. Is about one of the most popular shonen in history with protagonists and villains as iconic as they are magnetic, in addition to having an exciting and entertaining story. For this reason, it is difficult to be surprised at the impact it has had on the lives of many people, who are even capable of gift costumes related to the world of Naruto to your pets.

In fact, whoever knows the world related to Naruto moderately, will also know the emblematic Akatsuki organization. Well, in this case, Reddit user winxbaddie has preferred baptize the organization as “Acatsuki” because your cat has become a new member of said group, as we can see in the image that we show below.

That post, what has received more than 6,000 interactions on Reddit in just three days, has become one of the most popular posts in recent weeks in the Reddit thread dedicated to the Naruto universe. Of course, matching pets with one of the most popular manga / anime of the 21st century is always a result of the most popular in forums and social networks. Sometimes only the toxic threads resonate, but these many other contents show that they also forums can be used in a constructive and friendly way.

In any case, we usually witness all kinds of contributions that reflect the interest and devotion to Naruto from many fans. We have been able to see spectacular, realistic and beautiful fan arts, we have found tattoos that more than one of us would like to capture on the skin, or we even witness magnificent crossovers that leave the most curious results. We finally see that, as the years go by, Naruto’s fandom is still at the foot of the canyon showing content inspired by this iconic saga.