E.Leclerc: Naruto, Fairytail, Assassination classroom manga at 3€

Admittedly, mostly composed of drawings and chat bubbles, manga sometimes address difficult themes or depict violent scenes. Several manga characters have now become the heroes of the youngest, like Naruto or Luffy from One Piece.

Manga at 3€ at E.Leclerc

E.Leclerc is currently launching a promotional offer on this literary style. Within the limits of available stocks, the first volumes of several sagas are available at 3€.

cult manga

Several manga references are part of the current offer. It is thus possible to follow the quest of a young boy (Naruto) or mages trying to save – more or less skillfully – their world (Fairy Tail). New adventures of Saint Seiya (which the oldest have known as the “Knights of the Zodiac”) are also on the program.

The manga to (re) discover

The manga style is also home to touching or quirky stories. Authors deliver their personal touches, between action, humor or emotion. A hero far too cautious (Cautious Hero), a young girl in danger (Sky-High Survival) or even a duo in search of holy knights (Seven Deadly Sins) join the characters of cult manga.

A literary style with its own sense of reading

Comics are generally read from left to right. The manga is presented differently, with what could be called an inverted reading direction. The first page of the story is, in fact, the last of the book, and each bubble is read from right to left.

Manga available in paper version or e-book

Most of the sagas present in this offer are also available in dematerialized version. Manga like Naruto, Fairy Tail, Detective Conan and many more can be read on a touch pad or e-reader. The references concerned are specified by the blue “e-library” logo.

5% discount for in-store pickup

If each manga present in the E.Leclerc selection is sold for €3, it is possible to make additional savings. By choosing online ordering with in-store pickup, the brand applies a 5% discount. Thus, each manga costs €2.85.

The Manga promotional offer at 3€ at E.Leclerc allows you to find known heroes or discover new engaging stories. Now is the time to learn about this literary genre or to complete your collection at a lower cost.

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