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We are living a golden age of anime, and it is that there is an increasing variety of proposals, which means that some adaptations of lesser-known manga end up having a gap among the most watched series of the year. We have seen this numerous times, and it is that no one could have imagined that you animate like jujutsu kaisen either Kimetsu no Yaibabut they will probably never manage to overcome the big three shonen: Dragon Ball, One Piece and Narutothe latter being the one that interests us the most right now, since the event for the anniversary of Naruto is now approaching.

As you probably already know, the original Naruto series turns 20 during this 2022, and although it may not seem like it, this production He presented us his first chapter on October 3, 2002. It was clear that in the case of a series with so many fans, and which at the time managed to become representative of its genre, there was going to be some kind of celebration for this anniversary, but it was not until recently that an event was announced in which we would know more about this aforementioned celebration for its 20 years.

What can we expect from the event for the 20th anniversary of Naruto?

As we have said yes, there will be an event in which we will learn more about the different celebrations for the 20th anniversary of this well-known series. Specifically, this It will be the Jump Festa 2022, a classic Shonen Jump event in which new anime and new publications of its magazine are usually announced. East will take place on December 17, 2022and there are already different rumors in this regard, and then we will tell you what we can expect from this event.

A remake of the original Naruto anime

This was leaked a long time ago, although we can rather say that this is because fans have long wanted to see this classic series with current animation and drawing. It already seemed that this was not going to happen, and it is that the specific day of the anniversary of the premiere of the first chapter of Naruto a very special video was released. In this different classic moments from Naruto and Naruto Shippuden were compiled, all of them having been redone. Because of this, many people came to think that the leak about a remake was this video, but do not be disappointed, because the possibility still exists.

According to this leak, the great announcement that has been promoted so much would be something in the style of Dragon Ball Kai, an updated and unfilled version of the classic anime that we were able to enjoy in the early 2000s, although in this case it would be a remake. In addition, according to these details, this project would be in charge of Studio Pierrot, this being the same study that was in charge of the original series, in addition to those who bring us Boruto today, so we can expect a technical quality similar to that of this sequel series.

A possible live-action Naruto movie

Probably this is the possibility that can least attract any fan of anime, and of Naruto in particular, and it is that as you surely know, these films do not usually shine for their quality, cgoing in many cases to be another form of “fanservice”which is also very popular. The most curious thing is that still, considering the quality and fame of the original product, we have not received any movie with real actors from Naruto.

What has existed is a kind of play that is largely based on Naruto Shippuden, but in this case it was just that, a play, and not a film that can be released on current platforms. For this reason, and seeing that other popular anime like One Piece are preparing their own versions with real actors, it is natural to think that One of the possibilities for this Naruto anniversary event is to announce a live-action movie or series based on the original series..

live action naruto

New games for the anniversary of Naruto

This option is very cool, to put it in some way, and it is that a possible Ultimate Ninja Storm 5 has been rumored for some time now, that is, a numbered fifth installment of the most famous Naruto video game franchise, a franchise that we can find the whole thing on Nintendo Switch. The most curious thing about this, and the reason why this can become very plausible, is that the last major naruto game (leaving aside mobile titles and others) It was Naruto to Boruto Shinobi Striker, since this was released in 2018In other words, 4 years have passed.

For now nothing is known officially, but It would not be strange to think that CyberConnect2 is working on a new video game based on this IPsince also a few months ago there was the occasional leak in this regard, which caused its official announcement to be expected for the Bandai Namco event during Gamescom 2022. With all these details, we can come to think that it is possible that, If the existence of this alleged new video game is true, it will be announced at the Naruto anniversary event.

Home Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm

merchandise everywhere

We are probably facing the clearest bet for this event, and that is that although there are numerous leaks and rumors regarding the other points that we have addressed, in this case we are facing a clear example of “betting on the winning horse”. This is a classic: every time there is an anniversary, regardless of what it is, It is used to launch figures and merchandising of all kinds.

Interestingly, it is strange that this has not yet been announced, because we are facing the perfect time to sell products of this type, which, predictably, will sell out soon after being released thanks to faster collectors. Even so, it is necessary to mention that this is probably an appetizer, and not the main course, that is to say, that this is probably true, but there will be something else during the event.

Naruto and Sasuke fight

With this you can already get more or less an idea of ​​what we can find during the Jump Festa 2022 in reference to Naruto, although it is necessary to mention that the possibility that they decide to surprise us and none of the forecasts is fulfilled exists, so it is necessary to be cautious. Even so, it is very likely that at least some point in this list is correct.