Fan removes 115 hours of Naruto filler so he can watch it with his girlfriend | Spaghetti Code

For love many are capable of doing crazy things, and one of them without a doubt is edit all anime Naruto to remove the 15 hours of the much hated paddingjust to be able to please the bride (or groom) and enjoy this iconic series by her side.

Naruto is one of the most acclaimed shonen anime of all time and that despite having ended five years ago, the adventures of the blond ninja are still quite current and evolving in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations where we have been able to appreciate the life of the now Seventh Hokage next to his son.

However, and despite how wonderful this series is for its fans, since its inception and to this day, the anime inspired by the work of Masashi Kishimoto has been criticized again and again for having excessively abused filler chapters. , hence some even call him “Relleruto” just to annoy. It is under this premise that Youtuber Oceaniz re-edited the entire anime to remove these “lost” spaces from the central plot so that his girlfriend would be encouraged to see Naruto.

From a personal point of view, I find the filling of Naruto quite cool and enjoyable, because it taught us to enjoy this series just as we did when we watched some of our favorite cartoons on open or paid television; without expecting anything, more than the fact of sitting down or lying down to enjoy a good time of cartoons.

Who does not remember when he only turned on the TV in order to watch something to distract himself or to entertain himself while enjoying a delicious bowl of cereal for breakfast. No doubt that way of watching television was pretty cool, but unfortunately with the excess of streaming, the habit of seeing to enjoy instead of just seeing what will happen next has been lost.

And I say, of course with Naruto it just makes you want to know what comes next, but at least for people in Mexico and Latin America, we never had to watch the series weekly, as happened to the Japanese who had to wait week after week just to run into one more filler episode. In this part of the planet, if it wasn’t pirated on DVS, it was pirated on the Internet, until it was dubbed into our language through Cartoon Network in 2007.

What do you think about the filling? Naruto and the fact that a fan has removed it completely to be able to watch the anime with his girlfriend?


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