Fanart de Naruto Shippuden imagina a Sakura como una integrante de Akatsuki –Senpai

Sakura is one of the most popular and powerful Kunoichi in naruto shippuden who without a doubt would have been very useful to the Akatsuki Organization due to his enormous strength and medical talent. Although of course the shinobi never hinted at any dark or vindictive behavior like that of her beloved Sasuke, so her arrival in the red cloud group was always out of the equation.

At least officially, because fortunately for the fans of the Haruno girl, a talented Instagram artist called AviFusionArt, who is dedicated to imagining and drawing hundreds of possibilities within the universe of Naruto, shows us what the style of the pink-haired ninja would be like if she had joined the criminal organization of the shinobi world.

In the fanart the artist introduces us to a Sakura who He wears clothes very similar to the ones we got to see in the last episodes of naruto shippuden and now in Boruto, changing only the red color of his upper garment, for the print with the iconic logo of the Akatsuki.

Photo: Instagram – @avifusionart

In addition, this same garment now has a neckline and a wide opening in the abdomen area that makes the kunoichi look sexier than ever. All accompanied by a katana, a kunai and a look that gives him all the malice he requires to belong to the group led by Pain.

We have seen many drawings of Naruto and this is without a doubt one of the best. Well, just by seeing it, Sakura Haruno, who is already one of their favorite characters for many, becomes the coolest ninja in the entire shinobi world.

What do you think of Sakura as a member of Akatsuki in that fanart of naruto shippuden?


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