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One of the most beloved and popular anime of all is Naruto, since it has been one of the longest-lived franchises that has worldwide recognition, since the story of the young ninja who was despised by everyone in the Hidden Leaf Village, already managed to become Hokage, but some fans have wondered if everything had been different.

Doubts have arisen about what would have happened if the story of Naruto as we know it was different, if instead of protecting his village he had escaped and as a result of that, corrupted like most of the villains that we know, as well as learning to control the power of the Nine-Tailed Fox in a different way.

The artist Cabobsin made an incredible fanart upon Naruto, To who imagined him as the villain of the story, while also describing what he would look like if he had joined his adversaries.

Source | Cabobsin

Through Reddit the artist shared this image, in which we can see a Naruto younger, that is, the version Shipudden that we know, because of the type of clothes that he is wearing. But something to highlight is his eyes, which are very similar to the ones he adopted when he pulled out the four tails.

However, the smile combined with these eyes, give a look that Orochimaru, the one who insisted on taking out all of Kurama’s power in Naruto It did work, so he was able to carry out his plans.

No doubt the illustrator thought it would be interesting if Orochimaru’s plan had succeeded, So Naruto would join him and we can even imagine that they would have managed to train more villains, but currently we know that the key piece of the whole story was also Kurama.

Can you imagine Naruto as a villain?


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