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The young Uzumaki despite the incredible power and abilities he acquired, never finished his studies as a genin, that is, he never passed the chunin exams, not to mention the jounin. Still the blonde ninja managed to fulfill his dream of becoming a Hokage but have you ever wondered how would the chunin or jounin outfit have been Naruto in the event that he had continued his studies at the ninja academy?

One of the attractions of becoming a chunin is receiving your incredible official shinobi vest from the village of the leaf that serves to distinguish your rank among your colleagues and of course to look amazing among the ninjas of Konoha and other villages.

In the manga and anime we saw several characters from Naruto’s generation with their distinctive vest like Shikamaru, Sakura or Tenten; Nevertheless, the protagonist when leaving the village and going to train with Jiraiya, never finished his studies unlike his classmatesHence, he never received his vest, and even after defeating Kaguya, he continued his life as a genin. However, here we have a great fanart that shows us the look of the shinobi if things had turned out differently.

Foto: Reddit – Gusmaox

As you can see, the artist responsible for the fanart draws Naruto in the style that the ninja showed during the last episodes of Naruto Shippuden, Some time after the Fourth Shinobi World War, he even has his fake or spare arm after losing it in his last fight against Sasuke.

The suit itself is not the aforementioned chunin vest, but rather a type of “armor” similar to that used by some shinobi in the other world wars. Anyway, it looks pretty cool and we can’t deny that it suits her very well, although maybe orange will always be your favorite clothing color.

What did you think of Naruto’s “chunin suit” in this fanart?


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