Father in the Philippines officially registers his son with the name of Naruto Uzumaki

The Republic of the Philippines can now boast that it has officially become the place of residence of “Naruto Uzumaki“, because one of its inhabitants officially registered his son with the full name of the protagonist of the series created by Masashi Kishimoto.

Like many around the world, Jamesey Bolivar Maribojo is a 29-year-old fan who was marked by the adventures of the ninja from the Village Hidden in the Leaves, so much so that shortly before separating from his wife, they both agreed that the name of their small would be the same as Naruto’s. As a result, the civil registry of the Republic of the Philippines now has on file for him the birth certificate of “Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze Patik Maribojo”.

Photo: special

“I am an avid fan of anime from the beginning. If you know Naruto: Shippuden, his story revolves around a boy who grew up without a family. As a single mother, I take care of my son 24/7. But before his mother and I parted ways, we agreed to call him Naruto.” Jamesey commented before registering his son’s name in June 2020

As you could see above, the surnames Uzumaki and Namikase (which belong to Kushina and Minato respectively) became part of the name of the little Filipino, in order to keep the surnames of his parents (“Patik Maribojo”). “At first no one believed that was his full name because he kept calling him Naruto. Many asked me if it was his real name” the Filipino father commented again.

Really! | Photo: Jump Comics

Now tell us, would you be able to name your son the same as Naruto or another character from anime? Certainly this little guy’s name will draw a lot of attention in the future.


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