Feel like a ninja with Naruto and ABYstyle – Ramen For Two

Feel like a ninja with Naruto and ABYstyle

ABYstyle helps us feel like one more ninja from the village of Konoha with their official products of Naruto shippuden, the second part of the anime based on the manga of Masashi Kisimoto, which will be published in our country shortly by Select Vision with a new dubbing.

ABYstyle offers us a very wide range of products among which we will highlight some, starting with a set of two posters of team seven of Naruto (composed by Naruto, Sakura Y Sasuke) one size 52x38cm. each. These offset quality printed posters are sold together and feature a price of € 9.90. We also want to highlight the round and flexible mouse with the image of Naruto eating ramen, with 21.5 cm in diameter and 3 mm thick. This mat is available for a price € 8.99.

In everyday utensils we want to highlight for example this bowl in black with the symbol of the village of Konoha and orange interior with the symbol of the naruto (The narutomaki, a typical ingredient in ramen, made mainly from pressed white fish surimi). The bowl has a 600ml size, is dishwasher safe and has a price of € 11.99. Also for everyday use are this set of three crystal glasses, with the symbols of Konoha, the one with the clan Uchiha and that of Mangeky Sharingan. The glasses have a size 29 cl. with 14 cm. tall each and a total price € 15.99.

NARUTO SHIPPUDEN Jacket replica Naruto

In the textile we highlight the popular jacket Naruto in Naruto shippuden, in orange and black, with zipper and different sizes, at a price of € 54.99. Or we also have the coat inspired by the cape of the Akatuski, with zipper and one size, at a price of € 49.99.


Finally, we take a look at the highlights in add-ons with the backpack in black and an illustration of Naruto, with a capacity for 18 liters and priced at € 39.99. Or also the characteristic Naruto frog purse, with plush finish and a price of € 14.99.

All these products can be found not only on the website of ABYstyle.com, but also in specialized stores and large supermarkets.

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