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It is a fact that Naruto It has become one of the most relevant manga and anime in history to such an extent that the franchise has reached so many people and can be considered as part of popular culture. With the newer generations of athletes, it has become clear that it is more and more common to see athletes who not only enjoy video games and anime, but also reference them in their sport and this just happened with a volleyball player.

A few days ago a volleyball match was played between Campinas and SESI from Brazil. What caught our attention is that there was a player at the meeting who took the opportunity to mix this sport with Naruto.

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Player used a jutsu to serve and win in a volleyball game

We are talking about SESI star player Darlan Ferreira Souza. This player, in addition to being an expert in volleyball, is a fan of Naruto and does not hesitate to express his passion for anime when possible.

Thus, on a serve in favor, the player with the number 18 took the opportunity to channel his chakra and executed a jutsu. Judging from the sequence of hand seals (which includes the horse, dog, hare, and ram stances), this is a custom jutsu from Souza.

It is important to say that the situation did not require the jutsu, as SESI had won the first 3 sets of the match and had an advantage in the fourth. All this without mentioning that Souza is one of the best players in the team; in fact, he is the brother of Alan Souza, another great player from that country. However, Souza decided to execute the jutsu and it seemed to work for him, as the team would not only have won, but Souza would have scored the most goals, according to information from a reddit user. Then we leave you with the video.

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