Flow, J-Rock band that composed openings and endings: “We have always been very grateful to ‘Naruto'”

This February 15 marks the 15th anniversary of the broadcast of the first chapter of Naruto Shippuden. The world-famous anime series has had several well-known openings and endings. These are the songs that we see at the beginning or end of a chapter of the series. In 2018 our team interviewed Flow, a band that has composed several songs for the series, both Naruto and Naruto Shippuden. One of them well remembered: Sign, opening that marked the arc of Jiraiya Sama’s death.

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Many times it happens that one listens to the songs at the beginning of an anime series and does not know which is the band that composed that song. With the explosion of the Internet and social networks, many users chose to search for these bands. There are two that stand out worldwide in this field: Asian Kung-Fu Generation and Flow. In 2018 Flow was presented at “La Cúpula” in Parque O`Higgins in Santiago de Chile.

The band started with brothers Kohshi (vocalist) and Takeshi Asakawa (guitarist). Currently the formation is completed with Keigo Hayashi (vocalist), Hiroshi Iwasaki (drummer) and Yasutaro Goto (bassist).

Takeshi: The band X-Japan marked us a lot. But we wanted to do something else, something of our own. A couple of years passed and when X-Japan disbanded, we decided to take that step. After a few years we baptized ourselves as Flow and began this long journey.

Kohshi: We have always been very grateful to “Naruto”. When we go on stage and play the songs that have been part of the series, we say that we are going “to the hug of Naruto”. In that case “Go!!” and “Sign”, from “Naruto Shippuden” turn on the public. For us it is very important, because we know that many fans began to listen to our music thanks to the series and it has also happened to us with other anime series such as «Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion».

Keigo: We are quite happy. Because they are fans who no longer only listened to us in the series, but also searched for our albums, our other songs, our history. It’s happened to us a lot, especially when we travel to distant countries like this one. And while we often travel in the context of singing anime themes, we love meeting fans who know our other themes.

Takeshi: For us it is very gratifying to see how a series as relevant as “Naruto” has allowed our work to be known throughout the world. We also recently recorded a new version of the theme “Cha-La-Head-Chala” from Dragon Ball Z, precisely for one of its films. Many fans already knew that we were Flow and the reaction to seeing that we were the ones who had made that version was also incredible. Actually, we are very grateful for all your love.

You can read the complete interview here: J-Rock band Flow: “We have always been very grateful to ‘Naruto’” (original 2018)

Flow J Rock band that composed openings and endings We have
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