For its 20th anniversary, Naruto will be the star of an XXL cine-concert in France

In 2022, fans of Masashi Kishimoto will celebrate the two decades of existence of this cult manga.

Like Marvel or Star Wars, some manga are now franchises which accumulate millions of receipts throughout the world, whether through productions or derivative products. Fourth best-selling manga of all time, with over 250 million copies sold (a performance that allows him to place himself in front Detective Conan), Naruto is one of those works that have allowed the manga to reach a larger audience over the years. Launched in March 2002, the shōnen will turn 20 next year and the celebrations promise to be epic: after One Piece Where Harry Potter, the Konoha ninja will indeed be in the spotlight of a film concert.

A musical tour de France to celebrate Naruto

A symphony orchestra of 50 musicians, conducted by Sylvain Audinovski, will indeed be responsible for performing live the most famous arias from the anime. At the same time, a new montage retracing the great moments of the first 220 episodes of the series will be projected on a giant screen. An event-show that will be played across the whole of France with, to open the ball, three dates at the Dôme de Paris, from October 14 to 16, 2022. This film-concert will logically be accompanied by a cosplay competition, but also other surprises are also to be expected. Guests taking part in the show should indeed be announced soon.

The film-concert will also take place in Toulouse on November 5, 2022. Events which, except for new health restrictions, should be a great success because the rating of Naruto in France is still as strong. In addition, publisher Kana has revealed that Masashi Kishimoto could come to France next year. A surprise for one of the dates announced?

Figures still impressive 20 years later

Their release ended in 2016, but the adventures of the Konoha ninja continue to thrill. In 2020, 1,193,950 copies were sold, making Masashi Kishimoto’s work the best-selling manga of the year. The number 1 in sales was by the way the first volume Naruto, sold in 90,000 copies. In France, the turbulent ninja has also been successful, with 1.2 million volumes sold, or one manga every 30 seconds. If no new film project is known yet (contrary to Dragon Ball), the brand continues to endure through different sectors. In 2019, an 8,000 m² manga-themed amusement park was inaugurated in Nijigen no Mori, on the island of Awaji in Japan. A dream place for any fan, where it is especially possible to eat ramen at Ichiraku, the famous cook from Konoha.