Fortnite: after Naruto, a crossover with Dragon Ball Z? – Dexerto

. 14 days ago

While the crossover with Naruto is still present in many minds, players could soon be entitled to another anthology collaboration, Fortnite x Dragon Ball Z.

Season after season, Fortnite players have been treated to multiple crossovers with iconic pop culture franchises. In addition to in-game events or challenges, these collaborations each time introduce multiple cosmetic elements into the battle royale, a boon for players who want to enrich their collection at all costs.

The recent crossover with Naruto allowed anime fans to add skins like no other to their collection, but that was obviously only the tip of the iceberg.

Now a leak suggests that Epic Games plans to introduce even more characters from popular anime in the coming months, starting with Goku!

Fortnite x Dragon Ball Z

Toei Animation Company / Epic games

Goku could soon land on Fortnite.

A Fornite x Dragon Ball Z crossover in preparation?

The v21.20 update added a new item to Fortnite’s Creative Mode that is reminiscent of the Capsule Corp from Dragon Ball Z, the company founded by Bulma’s father, Dr. Brief.

HYPEX, a well-known dataminer, has also pointed out that this new object does not only refer to the Capsule Corp. According to him, its design is also reminiscent of many other anime cosmetic elements.

It was enough for the Fortnite community to be lost in guesswork about what Epic Games was up to. A number of them thinking that multiple crossovers will follow the one with Naruto, introducing many iconic characters including Goku and probably other Dragon Ball Z characters.

Of course, as always, until nothing has been confirmed directly by Epic Games, we can only build different hypotheses while crossing our fingers.