Fortnite almost confirms the introduction of Naruto

As well-known Fortnite leaker @HYPEX discovered on Twitter, a recent update saw the inclusion of two new creative coins. One appears to be a traditional scroll, not unlike the scrolls seen throughout the manga and the anime from Naruto.

The asset’s design looks identical to the titular ninja’s favorite food, ramen. Both creative coins were added to the game’s infrastructure through the update v18.30. So while they may not be available yet, they are likely to be out soon.

Previously, The Truth News reported that young Uzumaki, Kakashi and Sasuke star in new VIZ Media novels. And now, a series of leaks suggests that the protagonist created by Masashi Kishimoto can join Epic Games Fortnite In the near future.

Will Naruto be in Fortnite?

Shonen anime could be on Fotrnite

There is still no confirmation on the shonen anime in Fortnite, but the image above shared by @HYPEX on Twitter, gave us a look at creative new coins. Assets are loaded as Creative Coins, suggesting that players who purchase young Uzumaki will be able to complete a series of challenges to unlock more benefits.

While Epic Games has yet to talk about the inclusion of the character and the popularity of the Shonen anime and manga, it does suggest that the blonde ninja will not be added as a free update. Some players have speculated that it will be added as part of a future battle pass, as will Superman O Carnage.

This leak is the latest in a series of discoveries pointing to the addition of shonen anime to Fortnite. @HYPEX recently shared statistics on a “Mythical Explosive Kunai”, a weapon that has become a symbol of the Masashi Kishimoto franchise.

Further data mining has discovered that an NPC codenamed “HeadbandK” will soon be arriving on the island. While more general than the previous two leaks, Naruto’s most common and recognizable design includes a headband.

In July 2021, the Fortnite Twea leaker published a report that Epic Games was collaborating with Shueisha, a publisher that owns the rights to numerous series of Shonen Jump. The deal would open up opportunities to include successful anime characters like Dragon Ball, One Piece, My Hero Academia, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba and of course Naruto.

How much does the Fortnite game cost?

The basic editions of Fortnite have a approximate cost of $ 150. Other platforms like PlayStation 4 and Xbox offer more expensive versions between $ 350 and $ 375 respectively.

Fortnite is widely known for the inclusion of popular characters drawn from a variety of sources. Street Fighter, The Walking Dead y John Wick they are all represented in the game.

Epic Games has also made major deals with Marvel Comics and DC Comics, resulting in entire seasons of superhero-themed cosmetics and even a Fortnite / Batman graphic novel. We remind you that you can watch Naruto anime on Crunchyroll.

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