Fortnite: An NPC raises expectations again about the arrival of Naruto

For those who are not aware, the arrival of Naruto a Fortnite It has been one of the worst kept secrets in the game for some time. In addition to appearing in many polls and leaked internal documents, Epic Creative Director Donald Mustard went on to confirm that Naruto would be coming to Fortnite during a conversation with a Twitter user, with many hoping it would be one of the Battle Pass offers. .

Instead of Naruto, we got Carnage, which has led many to believe that the character has been delayed for some reason. Mustard later clarified that Naruto was not going to be part of the battle pass, causing many to wonder when the best of the Hidden Leaf Village would be brought into the game.

Well, things start to heat up again and it seems like Naruto it is not far away. The reliable filter FortniteHYPEX tweeted that a new NPC had been added to the game during the last patch, under the codename “Headband”. No other information about the NPC has been provided in the patch beyond the codename.

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Although “Headband” or headband in Spanish, it could be applied to a good number of characters, and could even refer to some kind of Halloween costume, one of the defining features of Naruto it is your commitment to the headband. Beyond his whiskers, it’s easily one of the things most attributable to his character, so it would make sense as a codename.

When a new character is released as a skin, Fortnite tends to add that character to the game map as an NPC, which would imply that whoever is being added here is a skin large enough to be counted as their own character. If we combine these two pieces of information with the fact that we know that it will arrive at some point, it is much more likely that Naruto is on the way.