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Many expected that Season 8 of Fortnite will start with content to pamper anime and manga fans. This since for some time there was talk about the possibility of seeing characters like Naruto in the Battle Royale.

Donald Mustard, Game Director, confirmed in September that Masashi Kishimoto’s ninja would come to Fortnite, but did not reveal when or how. The months have passed and we have not heard about it, but various dataminers are convinced that Naruto will soon join the pitched battles.

The reason? In recent weeks they have found clear references to the world of Naruto in the Battle Royale. Additionally, some insiders claimed this week that the long-awaited collaboration will finally come true soon.

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When will Naruto come to Fortnite: Battle Royale?

Fortnite has confirmed in recent weeks important collaborations with Resident Evil, Dune and even revealed an unexpected skin from Chapulín Colorado. Because of this, many believe that the collaboration with Naruto will not come true and that it was all just a rumor.

However, renowned dataminers such as HYPEX recently reaffirmed that Naruto’s content is real and that it will arrive sooner than everyone thinks. Some sources claim that one of the latest updates to the Battle Royale added models of a ninja scroll, a ramen and an explosive kunai.

The interesting thing is that HYPEX and other dataminers assure that the collaboration with Naruto will happen in November. So the long-awaited content would be right around the corner. However, for now there is no exact date.

Leaks claim that Naruto’s skin is codenamed “Headband” and that outfits called “HeadbandS” and “HeadbandK” have been found. Many believe that the additional letters refer to Sasuke and Kakashi. It is believed that the characters will arrive in outfits based on Naruto shippuden.

“Since a lot of people keep asking me … Fortnite x Naruto will take place next month, I PROMISE. I’m just as excited as you are, but we have to wait a bit longer, ”stated HYPEX on Twitter.

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