Fortnite: Naruto skins drive the community crazy and create an avalanche of memes

To enjoy Fortnite today, you better keep an open mind. Being attacked by Iron Man, stopping just after taking sniper fire from Kylo Ren and seeking to revive your ally LeBron James, has become common in Battle Royale.

The styles and universes of famous franchises face each other in the game, sometimes to the point of being completely unreal. This is what it seems to the community, that for more than a week he has not stopped seeing Naruto and Sasuke shooting with shotguns, before doing some jutsus as a celebration .

The collaboration itself is a success: Naruto’s skins are very elaborate, and the related items (Kurama’s hang glider, kunais, ninja backpacks …) are perfect reminders of the shonen universe. The crash occurs when you jump out of the battle bus and the first exchanges of shots arrive.

This is where we wonder what Naruto and his gang are up to in this madness. Shooting an enemy point-blank with a shotgun, or strafing a group with a gatling, is quite far from the imaginary of the ninja, that must be admitted.

However, this is not the first time such a crash has occurred after a crosscosmetic in Fortnite. When some characters who are not known for being funny comedians (Kylo Ren, Kratos or Venom, for example) the blow comes when we see them perform the ridiculous dances that Fortnite has.

And you can be sure that Fortnite will not turn off its crossovers in the short term. Over the years, the game has held a multitude of such events that have turned out to be tremendously important to its business. Bringing the most famous franchises in the world to life directly in the Battle Royale has become a permanent contrast that amuses us and shocks us at the same time.

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As tradition demands, a countdown has come into play, allowing everyone to know what time everything ends. Season 8 will end with a live event that will shake Fortnite to the point where Chapter 3 kicks off.