Fortnite: Naruto will indeed land in the battle royale, the release date revealed

Game news Fortnite: Naruto will indeed land in the battle royale, the release date revealed

It’s finally official. Fortnite has just formalized its partnership with Naruto: we even have a specific release date… and it’s coming very soon.

Epic Games is accustomed to various and varied partnerships for its famous Fortnite, which continues to nurture its community with sometimes very ambitious crossovers. As indicated by many rumors, the game will indeed be associated with Naruto Shippuden very soon.

Only a few days left to enjoy Naruto in Fortnite

It’s with a picture of the sky, along with the words “never give up!” that the featuring was announced on social networks: Naruto Shippuden will therefore land Fortnite Tuesday, November 16. Unfortunately, no other information is to be put in their mouths: we obviously imagine that a skin of the famous ninja will be introduced, even other iconic characters from the saga as well as accessories or, why not, the possibility of making the famous Naruto run. The bets are open.

Dragon Ball, next on the list?

Naruto’s arrival obviously echoes the leak you were part of last july : a leaker indeed affirmed that Epic Games would ally with Shūeisha, a very large Japanese company partly holding the rights to many manga like Naruto, but also Dragon Ball or One Piece. Now that this partnership seems official, thehe door is open to other crossovers in the future with other universes: it must be admitted that the integration of Son Goku or Luffy in the game from Epic Games could also cause the ink to flow …

Through Max_Cagnard, Journalist