Fortnite: Naruto would soon land in the battle royale

In September Masashi Kishimoto confirmed that Naruto would end up arriving in Fortnite sooner or later. However, he did not reveal any dates or details. That is why users expected season 8 of the battle royale to debut with this anime content. However, time went by and each time the hopes of seeing the ninja in the game were disappearing.

Everything seems to indicate that the wait is now much shorter, since in recent weeks important references of Naruto were found within Fortnite. Some leakers even confirmed that the collaboration would be made official this week.

Naruto would receive a skin in Fortnite

During these last weeks Fortnite has confirmed relevant collaborations with Dune, Resident Evil and even the Chespirito brand by launching a Chapulín Colorado skin. All of this seemed to push Naruto’s announcement further and even just make it a rumor.

However, HYPEX and other renowned dataminers confirmed that Naruto will make it to the Epic Games title and will even be very soon. Sources assure that the battle royale in the latest updates added models of a ramen, ninja parchment and a kunai, characteristic elements of the ninja world of anime.

Despite the fact that we continue without an official date for the arrival of this collaboration with Naruto, the leakers and dataminers confess that it will happen in November. We are already finishing the month so Fortnite fans and the most famous ninja in anime will have to prepare their wallet.

Since many people keep asking. Fortnite x Naruto will take place next month, I PROMISE. I’m excited as are you, but we will have to wait a little longer.

HYPEX, dataminer de Fortnite

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