Fortnite: Naruto’s arrival possibly confirmed When will the skin arrive on the island?

There is wide speculation about the arrival of the popular anime character Naruto as a new cosmetic in Fortnite, and here’s everything we know about it, including the possible release date for the skin. Fans of Naruto they must be happy with this news.

Fortnite has become known for its main crossovers with other franchises, as heroes like Rick and morty and Superman have joined other characters in the battle royale during Season 7. Dataminers discovered more crossover skins from a survey conducted by Epic Games.

While one of these was part of a hoax, there are still plenty of other interesting ones that could be coming soon, including an aspect of Naruto. Some of the crossover skins featured in the poll have made their way into the game, like Lebron James and Ariana Grande. According to the filter company Fortnite, Shiina , Epic wants Naruto to be included in season 8.

Now, it seems that we are one step closer to confirming the arrival of Naruto after Twitch streamer candywingx appeared to confirm the arrival of the skin. The player recently retweeted a real-life meeting with the Creative Director of Epic Games, Donald Mustard, and it was hinted that they had been discussing the future of Fortnite.

If the protagonist of the anime arrives as part of the next Battle Pass in Fortnite Season 8, we will likely see him added to the game on September 18, 2021. If the cosmetic is not ready by then, it may appear in the Store of articles at a later date. We could also see the arrival of other characters from the Naruto universe, such as Sasuke, Sakura and Kakashi.

If Naruto comes to Fortnite, the player base may increase significantly, as the anime has a huge fandom that spans the entire world. It can even open the door to other anime crossovers like Dragon Ball.

Season 6 of the influential Battle Royale game also featured some generic anime skins, but this would be a huge step forward. Hopefully, Epic Games will give us some confirmation on the arrival of the Naruto skin.