Fortnite: Naruto’s skin back in software

By Laurent P. Published on March 18, 2022 at 09:06

Good news for Naruto and Fortnite fans! The software signed Epic Games again offers its skins and cosmetic elements around the Konoha ninja. Find it in the Item Shop!

A great collaboration that should put the fans in turmoil! Fortnite again offers you, this Friday, March 18, 2022, its latest collaboration with narutothrough an unprecedented crossover. Skins, accessories, emote… So many nice surprises awaiting players, at least for those who missed it last November.

In total, four skins from the manga universe are available: that of narutoof Kakashiof Sakura and of Sasuke. Skins accompanied by several loading screens, as well as several cosmetic elements (variations of skins, back accessories, pickaxes, etc.), are also unlockable. Skins that are available in the item shopin different packs.

On the price side, note that the Naruto and Kakashi Bundleincluding the two skins and their variations, as well as the “Roller” and “Pakkun” back props, as well as the “Pizza Swallowing Technique” loading screen, is at 3000 V Bucks. Concerning Sasuke and Sakura Bundleincluding the two skins and their variations, as well as the back accessories “Shuriken Fuma” and “Coat of Kohona”the collection tool “Sword of Kusanagi” and the loading screen “Team 7”is available for 3100 V Bucks.

Also note that a ninja gear packfeaturing the “Summoning Technique” and “Ramen Break” emotes, as well as the “Kunai”, “Hidan’s Scythe” and “Special Services Sword” gathering tools, is on sale for 2400 V-Bucks. Skins that you can purchase separately, just like the “Karuma” glider (plus the “Union of Ninjas” loading screen) which will cost you 1200 V Bucks. The emote are also available separately at 300 V Bucksjust like the “Kunai” and “Special Service Sword” pickaxes at 500 V Bucks and the “Scythe of Hidan” pickaxe at 800 V Bucks.

And if not, we take advantage of the trailer for these skins, unveiled when they were launched in November 2021:

At your controls, and good game to all!