Fortnite: New image of Donald Mustard could hint at the arrival of Naruto

Rumors about the arrival of Naruto to Fortnite have flown everywhere, gamers of Fortnite seem to have in mind the arrival of the ninja to Fortnite but they don’t know how this one will do it. Rumors have predicted a bit of everything, from a skin as part of the battle pass to a special event where Naruto He will arrive in his Kiuby mode to defeat the aliens that invade the island.

Recently, Donald Mustard has shared images about Fortnite that have blown the heads of millions of fans with somewhat crazy speculations. Some fans say the image could refer to the arrival of more characters from anime a Fortnite or the possible incursion of Fortnite to anime. Thinking further, it is possible that Donald may be giving us clues about the arrival of Naruto.

The arrival of Naruto has Fortnite has been key to keeping millions of players in the game. Since the case EPIC vs APPLE revealed the collaboration with Shueisha, anime fans have been waiting to see Naruto and some other characters from the anime world to the game.

Well the new image shared by Donald Mustard In his Twitter account, he shows us what appears to be a small tab of a manga, we cannot fully appreciate which one it is, but referring to what is already known, it is possible that it is one of Naruto’s manga, for On the other hand, we think it could also be one of Boruto’s manga.

It might sound like a joke, but, Boruto has had a huge impact on the community lately. Just a couple of weeks ago we were able to see one of the most beloved and important characters; sacrifice so that Naruto could continue his story as the strongest ninja of all.

Hopefully very soon, Donald, and his entire team, have new news for Fortnite players, they recently revealed Jinx’s skin as part of their collaboration with Riot Games, ‘El Chapulín Colorado’ also arrived in the store, only Naruto is missing. to have the strangest mix ever seen in a video game.