Fortnite: New Naruto skins on the run for Epic Games’ battle royale!

Game news Fortnite: New Naruto skins on the run for Epic Games’ battle royale!

In the continuity of many other partnerships and events introducing pop culture characters into Fortnite, Epic Games had, in November 2021, added Naruto skins to its battle royale. According to new leaks, this crossover between the manga and the game will continue.

See Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura or even Kakashi armed with an assault riflea rocket launcher or grenadse is a completely astonishing sight which did not only make people happy.

Other Naruto characters are on the way

But overall, fans of the manga and anime playing Fortnite pounced on these skins, which allows them to embody their favorite characters. What if we told you that Team 7 shouldn’t no longer be the only one for very long to join the battle royale? In any case, this is what our colleagues from Netcost Securitywho believe they have had access to reliable data despite their publication on 4chan, where good news is often drowned in a sea of ​​crazy rumors.

In parallel with the arrival of Pac-Man on June 2, Epic Games would prepare the release of new skins, accessories and emotes dedicated to Naruto, and more specifically to Team 8 ! Fans will therefore know immediately that we are talking by Hinata Hyuga, Shino Aburame and Kiba Inuzuka, accompanied by his faithful Akamaru ! The team is led by Kurenai, but this one does not appear to be among the upcoming skins.

According to a leak from 4chan, new Naruto skins would arrive in June 2022: the members of Team 8.

A credible rumor?

For Netcost Security, the value of the leak lies in the image who accompanies him. Our colleagues believe that the composition of this one is very close to the classic promotional images published by Epic Games, and inspired by the photos of the team found in the anime. Moreover, the datamining reveals that special missions integrated under the code name Kawaii seem to be approaching.

However, this code name has already been used for missions accompanying the addition of Naruto skins few months ago. However, even if the leak is quite believable, Epic Games hasn’t announced anything, and no official teaser indicates that these new skins are coming yet. We’re keeping an eye on it, but in the meantime, caution.

In the meantime, make way for the round character like a balloon, yellow like a lemon

On the completely official side of things, we know that on June 2, cosmetic elements dedicated to Pac-Man will be available in Fortnite. This partnership between the battle royale and the iconic character of the video game does not happen without reason, since the little yellow glutton is currently celebrating its 42 years.

These festivities are not limited to Fortnite by the wayas Pac-Man Museum+ releases today on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC, an unreleased song, We Are Pac-Man, has been released, unreleased collections will be released soon at Eastpack and Sloggi, and that events will take place in Paris and Berlin.