Fortnite Season 8: all about the possible collaboration with Naruto

Season 7 of it’s been crazy for loopers. In addition to the alien invasion theme, drastic map and weapon changes, players have witnessed a ton of collaborations this season.

The most recent collaboration is the Rift Tour, which marked the release of the Ariana Grande skin in Season 7 of . However, it appears that Epic Games has even more in store for gamers. According to the leaks, fans of they might enjoy a future collaboration with Naruto for Season 8.

The rumors and leaks surrounding Fortnite x Naruto originated after a document was published in the court case of Epic Games vs Apple. What attracted attention was the mention of Naruto Uzumaki on one of the slides. While the details were pretty scant, it was enough to drive player hysteria.

FORTNITE | The leaker spoke

Clarifications from Shiina on Twitter

According to the prominent leaker of , ChinaBR, Epic has acquired the rights to Naruto and it could be part of the next Battle Pass, that is, Season 8 of Fortnite. ShiinaBR stated that he “cannot fully confirm personally” if Naruto’s leak is genuine. Let us remember that the same source had accurately filtered the concert of Fortnite Ariana Grande, the newly released masks of The Suicide Squad and the arrival of Kevin the Cube to Chapter 7.

But as with the leaks and unconfirmed sources, it’s hard to fully accept it. Also, Epic has been trying to get Naruto to from the Epic v. Manzana. So the inclusion of Naruto may have been on the cards for quite some time.

Without any official confirmation from Epic, these are mere speculations. We will have to wait for more data.

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