Fortnite: the collaboration with Naruto is clarified a little more

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If we already knew that Naruto would be making an arrival in the store, it could be that other characters from the manga are arriving as well. Soon full of Dark Sasuke on Fortnite?

The info is not recent and dates back to last September: Fortnite should soon welcome naruto characters in its roster. Early information had fallen before Season 8 to indicate that Epic was aiming to introduce the hero of the manga in the new season’s Battle Pass. If in the end the young man was not one of the headliners of Detours, the idea of ​​collaboration is on its way and should soon take shape.

Dataminers have indeed already discovered information related to this future arrival in the source code of the game. new patch 18.30 which was deployed on Tuesday, we find a weapon from the franchise, the Explosive Kunai, a throwing dagger that is assigned damage and range stats.

Visuals were also flushed out, we can see a bowl of Ramen and a parchment, potentially objects for future challenges to achieve.


And leaker HYPEX finally unveiled two other files whose names, HeadbandK and HeadbandS, put the chip in his ear. Would it be Sasuke and Kakashi? We know that Donald Mustard wanted to take advantage of new collaborations, especially in manga universes, to develop his game, it would be quite logical that Naruto is not the only character from the license … In any case, Naruto and other characters would arrive in the store and not in the battle pass. as originally planned.