Fortnite: the date of Naruto’s arrival in the battle royale revealed!

Through its Twitter account, Fortnite has just announced great news for manga fans. Naruto is finally here!

We have been waiting for it for several months. Some thought it was just rumors and others believed it hard. But we finally have the answer to the questions we were asking ourselves. Yes, Naruto is fine and land well on Fortnite.

A mess of skins

You may have thought that the battle royal ofEpic Games had stocked up on skins ? That we already had every possible and imaginable costume in the game? You were totally wrong. Proof of this is with the next updates.

Indeed, in addition to seeing Naruto point the end of son shuriken sur Fortnite, other stars could appear. And this time, we are talking about real stars, everyday life, no fictional characters.

Because according to the information of several dataminers, US singer-songwriter might be entitled to their own character in the game ofEpic Games. You will still have to be patient at least until Chapter 3.

It would be then, and not before, that Lady Gaga could come. According to some information circulating on the Web, we could bet on a coming for the end of the year. Or at the beginning of the year 2022 in February.

We still have a few weeks and months to wait before learning more about this. But know that she could be followed by Lil Uzi Vert or 2Pac. US rap fans must therefore be in heaven upon hearing such news.

However, this article mainly concerns manga and Naruto fans. Because all fans of Fortnite want to know when the Konoha Ninja will be available for the battle royal. And the answer lies in the following lines.

Fortnite the date of Naruto’s arrival in the battle royale revealed!

Naruto is finally coming to Fortnite

It’s on the game’s official Twitter account that we got a teaser for the arrival of Sasuke’s rival. Our colleagues from Video games relaying the tweet in question and giving more info on what we can see in the video.

The media specifying that we could see an image of the sky from the map of Fortnite. The whole, accompanied by the mention ” never give up ! “ A sentence perfectly suited to the temperament of the ninja.

But when are we going to be able to play with him? Once again, the media gave the answer. A few more days to wait before we can finally get our hands on it. Since it will be the next November 16 that it will be playable.

However, according to our colleagues, no other information would have filtered. So we still don’t know 100% if we are going to be entitled to a skin or something else on Fortnite … Who knows, the collaboration might just focus on more than just a costume.

Video games think for example of other characters in the manga or even the possibility of doing Naruto Run. In any case, we will finally have an answer to all these questions and rumors in the coming days. Know how to take your pain patiently.