Fortnite: the Naruto crossover leaked before its release

Epic Games seems to have a ready collab with a very famous anime, which is none other than Naruto. Discover the cosmetic elements available tomorrow.

A few days ago, Epic Games announced on Twitter an upcoming crossover between its battle royale Fortnite and the famous anime and manga Naruto shippuden. This is expected on November 16. From tomorrow, fans of the anime will be able to buy skins and accessories in the colors of Naruto Uzumaki and his friends from the hidden village of Konoha. But what exactly do they look like?

That’s the big question all fans have been asking since the announcement. Epic Games meanwhile continues the suspense since no information has been shared on this subject, and we can therefore expect to have news only from tomorrow. But that was without counting a rather reliable leak, coming from a fairly famous dataminer in the industry.

Discover Naruto cosmetics, coming soon to Fortnite

It was HYPEX that informed the web of all the cosmetics to come in Fortnite in the colors of the anime. In terms of skins, the dataminer hasn’t communicated anything but it seems obvious to many that a Naruto Uzumaki skin is indeed on the way. It remains to be seen whether it will be in a drawn style or in 3D. As for accessories, some will be paid as usual, but others could be free.

Indeed, HYPEX declares that a ninja roll and a bowl of ramen will be offered to players as part of the event, just like with the collaboration Balenciaga. As for the cosmetics included in the Naruto pack, we should be entitled to a pair of Kunai, a Shuriken, or even Pakkun, Kakashi’s dog who would make a perfect back accessory.

At the moment, Epic Games has not specified what time the crossover with Naruto Shippuden would be available, but HYPEX says it could be available. from 3 p.m. on November 16. Until then, Epic Games will surely share news of the collaboration with Fortnite players. To make them wait, HYPEX also shared the promo image of this crossover, which currently illustrates this article.