Fortnite x Naruto: leaked Team 8 skins

These days are being non-stop rumors on social networks regarding the next collaborations of the Season 3 from Fortnite. One that seems quite solid to us is that the members of the team 8 from Naruto they will arrive at fortnite battle royale like new skins. hinata, kiba, shino and Akamaru would be the new representatives of naruto shippuden in Fortnite. Below we tell you all the details.

Naruto Team 8 is coming to Fortnite according to a leak

Between May 24 and 26, 2022, the following image leak was shared on the 4chan video game image board/subforum: in June 2022 the skins of the members of Team 8 would arrive at Fortnitewhose members are shino aburame, Hinata Hyūga, Kiba Inuzuka Y Akamaru.

What is the validity we give to this alleged leak? Quite a lot, for three factors. The first is that the composition of the image seems solid enough to us to look real. By “real” we mean a assets or an official Fortnite art. It is also a tribute to a fairly representative image of Team 8 in the animewhich you can see just below.

This still from the Naruto anime shows a photograph of Team 8

The second factor is that it details Epic Games/Fortnite’s plans for Naruto Shippuden, which are usually drawn from scratch. It suits us a lot that the next Naruto skins in Fortnite were those of, simply, another team. We remind you that Naruto Uzumaki he didn’t come to the game alone; he arrived along with the rest of the members of Team 7 (Kakashi, Sasuke Y sakura).

fortnite season 3 skins naruto team 8 hinata kiba shino akamaru

Official art of the Naruto Team 7 skins in Fortnite

The third and last fact that makes us think that the leak is real is the fact that, via data miningwe know that Epic Games is working on a promotion with Fortnite missions codenamed “Kawaii2”. Plain “Kawaii” was the promotion of the Challenges of El Nindo from Naruto.

fortnite chapter 2 season 8 naruto challenges missions nindo prizes free rewards

Challenges of El Nindo de Naruto in Fortnite

In any case, this collaboration would not see the light of day until next month, during Season 3 of Fortnite Chapter 3. And, taking into account the precedent, they would be store skins, with a price yet to be determined.

As a curiosity, this leak would have been carried out by the same person who has also leaked the image of the battle pass of the Season 3 with Darth Vader and Indiana Jones.

fortnite season 3 battle pass leak darth vader indiana jones skins

Leaked image of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 Battle Pass, and rescaled via AI

At our guide from Fortnite we tell you how to level up fast. Remember that you must reach the level 200 of the season to obtain all the rewards of the battle pass and the Additional Rewards.

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