Fortnite x Naruto: the crossover is already breaking records

Game news Fortnite x Naruto: the crossover is already breaking records

After Jinx and Dark Phoenix, it’s the turn of Naruto and Team 7 to enter the Battle Royale of Epic Games. And this new collaboration has everything to become a success.

Never give up !

Confirmed a few days ago by means of a tweet, the shonen spirit comes today to brighten up your parties on Fortnite. Using new skins, players can now immerse themselves in the shoes of Naruto Uzumaki, of course, but also Sasuke Uchiwa, Sakura Haruno, and Kakashi Hatake. For the occasion, a new trailer highlights these four characters, disturbed during the tasting of delicious ramen (surely those of Ichiraku).

However, we will have to wait a little bit before being able to access this new collaboration. Indeed, maintenance started at 10 a.m., while the v18.40 update was finally available for download. According to the dataminers, who had rightly planned the release of the official trailer at 10 a.m., it would take wait until 2 p.m. or 3 p.m. to be able to access new cosmetic items in the store. And they will certainly be numerous to rush there to spend their V-bucks and put on their ninja costume, in view of the enthusiasm that the announcement could have generated.

Already the biggest Fortnite collaboration?

Fortnite x Naruto: the crossover is already breaking records

Naruto is one of those flagship works of Japanese culture. Like a One Piece, manga and anime transcend generations and continue to be a classic for our young people today. In college, many of them follow the rise of young Naruto Uzumaki. So that in 2020, Naruto was established as the best-selling manga in France. The numbers are impressive: over a million volumes sold over the year, or one every thirty seconds. Suffice to say that by collaborating with the franchise, Fortnite could only hit hard.

The arrival of this crossover had the effect of a real tidal wave. With over 260,000 likes as of this writing, the announcement tweet has grown into the account’s Twitter post. @FortniteGame most liked. As a reminder, the next collaboration is also likely to mark the spirits. It will ring indeed the arrival of Boba Fett in Fortnite, and this just a few days before the series The Book of Boba Fett available on Disney + from December 29th.

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