French boasts one of the best female Naruto cosplays ever made

It’s been more than five years since the end of the anime from Naruto: Shippuden but he is still well remembered by his fans, so fan arts and cosplay inspired by their most popular characters. The French cosplayer known as miyuki has become Naruto on multiple occasions, showing what a Female version.

In the Naruto anime and manga we have seen the protagonist transformed into his female version thanks to his Sexy Jutsu, but in most cases he does so without clothes and covered with clouds of smoke around him. However, Miyuki’s cosplay shows us a female version of Naruto in his iconic teenage ninja outfit.

The design of Naruto that we saw in the Shippuden stage could be the most loved by anime and manga fans, since it was a great evolution to the first suit and the design that we see in Boruto is not to the liking of many. What is clear is that this is Miyuki’s favorite design, since she has been cosplaying Naruto for a long time in this version.

The oldest publication of Miyuki cosplaying that we found on her profile dates from February 2019 and it is about a female Naruto cosplay, in a MyPassion session. Throughout the year Miyuki was wearing her cosplay to different conventions and showed it off on networks with several photographs, including the one you find above.

One of the Naruto cosplay photos that Miyuki posted is edited by Tyrfing (French photographer and cosplayer), showing us what a live-action adaptation of Naruto Shippuden would look like with a female lead. This photo shows us Miyuki as Naruto in the female version of her, using the Kyubi chakra and walking on the water with a kunai in her hand.

For a time, Miyuki cosplayed other popular characters like DC Comics’ Raven, Overwatch’s D.Va Bunny, and NieR: Automata’s 2B, but in April of this year, she turned back into Naruto Uzumaki in a Grégory Borvéau shoot. This session boasts a professional quality and shows Miyuki’s growth as a cosplayer.

One of Miyuki’s photographs in Grégory’s session shows us what a female Naruto would look like doing the Rasengan, with an edition that suited Borvéau very well and a penetrating look from the French cosplayer that completes the scene. After this we saw a photo of this cosplay again in a collaborative session, but Miyuki has been absent ever since.

It’s been more than half a year since Miyuki’s last post on her social media, so we can only hope she’s okay and decides to cosplay her favorite characters again later on. Meanwhile, her cosplay of Naruto Uzumaki woman in the Shippuden outfit can be considered one of the best we’ve seen this year.