From CM1 to 4th, this puzzle book allows your children to learn with Naruto

Is your child a fan of Naruto? Educational puzzle books inspired by the world of ninjas have appeared. Continue to learn about school themes in a fun way!

Naruto, the school of learning

One of the most popular manga in the world, Naruto impresses with his gallery of endearing characters, who have struggled a lot to achieve their goals. For many cartoon characters, it was necessary to follow a high level of learning in order to reveal themselves to everyone.

Naruto is above all the story of a student hated by all and who, with willpower and practicemanages to tame his potential to find a place among the best ninjas of his generation.

We can also cite Rock Lee, a young student with no particular talent that quickly became one of the most popular characters with fans for his incredible determination. A “effort genius”as Gai-sensei would say.

Learn while having fun with Naruto

If you want to instill in your children the values ​​carried by the manga of Masashi Kishimoto, then these puzzle books might be of interest to you. Edited by Larousse, they offer various exercises that allow students to progress in their learning.

Four in number, these puzzle books are adapted to very specific programs:

  • from CM1 to CM2
  • from CM2 to 6th
  • from 6th to 5th
  • from 5th to 4th

Each of them makes it possible to progress your child in basic education: grammar tests, math and geometry exercises, logic exams, learning English.

The puzzles offered feature the characters of the anime, immersed in problems that will have to be solved by your young apprentice.

Designed to level up your child and build their confidence for the challenges of the next class, these books bring knowledge and fun. A combination that can only fly.

The puzzles of Naruto Shippuden (from CM1 to CM2) Amazon

The enigmas of Naruto Shippuden (from CM2 to 6th grade) Amazon

The puzzles of Naruto Shippuden (from 6th to 5th) Amazon

The puzzles of Naruto Shippuden (from 5th to 4th) Amazon