From Naruto to Spider-Man: the biggest Fortnite collaborations of 2021

Unsurprisingly, Fortnite is the king of great collaborations and crossovers. With that in mind, 2021 has without a doubt been one of the best years for Fortnite, especially when it comes to collaborations, skins and, of course, costumes. Without a doubt, the best way to keep players engaged and entertained at the same time is through great collaborations. It definitely adds new content to the game.


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As Fortnite continues to grow, collaboration has become one of the main parts of the game. Well, it looks like Epic Games is trying to collaborate with every popular series, personage, or business. From Marvel to our beloved Seventh Hokage, Fortnite and its partnerships are perfect these days.

Interestingly, Naruto’s collaboration / skins helped Fortnite close its second chapter and our beloved Spidey helped Epic games Kick off the third chapter, keeping players hooked on the game. All of these multiple new additions to the game have wowed the majority of gamers around the world and also bring new hype for future collaborations. As is clear, Epic Games has left virtually no stone unturned to please their audiences in 2021.


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Top 5 Fortnite collaborations in 2021

However, despite many collaborations, only a few top the list in terms of popularity and hype. With the sky as the limit, let’s go back to the top 5 among these various Fortnite efforts in 2021.

Naruto in Fortnite

Let’s just start this list with our beloved Seventh Hokage. Anime and gaming always go hand in hand. The Naruto Collaboration / Skin was one of Fortnite’s most anticipated skins. It is certainly difficult to choose anything better than this. Plus, who doesn’t love Naruto, right? Naruto and Fortnite both have extremely dedicated fanbases and mixing these two up was well worth every hype.

Along with Naruto, Fortnite also welcomed other characters from the anime (with their own emote) including Leaf’s copy ninja. Of course, we are talking about Kakashi here. It was one of the most beloved Fortnite collaborations of all time. After all, it’s the ninja way!

Spider Man

Then we have a fan favorite superhero, the friendly Spidey neighborhood with Fortnite. The company always gives players what they want. 2021 wouldn’t have been complete without this epic collaboration to connect with the release of the latest MCU movie. Now, Peter Parker (Tom Holland) and his longtime sweetheart Mary Jane (Zendaya) are playable characters in Fortnite. The characters are available in the Item Shop with their various skins and exclusively built-in emotes.


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Boba Fett in Fortnite

Fortnite’s collaborations with the ultimate bounty hunter in the Star Wars galaxy have been one of the best surprises for any fan. It was really unexpected. Fans can purchase cosmetic packs from the Item Shop. The original Boba Fett skin is for 1500V while the pack, including the skin, Starship Glider, Gaffi Stick pickaxe, and a Jetpack Back Bling, is for 2300V Buck. It would be much better to go with the bundle.

fortnite skin boba fat available


This list would definitely be incomplete without Venom. Fortnite’s collaboration with Venom is one of the most popular collaborations of all time. This partnership has brought a lot of amazing new costumes, skins, and emotes. This includes the classic Eddie Brock outfit and the super cool Venom Unleashed emote. So when you’re ready to let go, use the super cool emote to transform yourself into everyone’s favorite symbiote.


Ariana Grande

Fortnite often collaborates with celebrities, but 2021 definitely comes down to the one and only Ariana Grande. The mid-2021 concert was one of Fortnite’s most publicized events. Instantly, her costume gained the limelight. Players recognized her stunning outfit as the best costume of the year out of all the collaborations on this list. Well, that’s not that surprising, considering how beloved Ariana Grande is.


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Fortnite Ariana Grande Skin

In addition, more collaborations are also underway. Hopefully 2022 will be as great as 2021 for all fans, especially when it comes to collaborations and crossovers.

What is your favorite collaboration in this top 5? Also, did we miss a big collaboration in 2021? Let us know.


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