Gaara has an amazing tattoo that Naruto fans will love

Before getting a tattoo, the first thing is to speak well with your trusted professional and communicate what you really want. One of the best ways to inspire a tattoo artist is to show him other ‘canvases’ of the style you are looking for. Well, this user of Reddit He managed to hit the spot with this great tattoo of one of the Naruto characters: Gaara.

Fans of the series love to honor her,and what better way than a tattoo! This time we have Gaara a character from one of the most famous anime series in the world. He’s a ninja from the Hidden Sand Village, son of the ancient leader of the village, the Fourth Kazekage, so currently the protagonist of this tattoo is the Fifth Kazecage. This character has two fundamental characteristics: his eyes have a blackened outline that gives depth to your gaze, with a turquoise blue eye color, in addition, this darkening helps you to use its power by controlling the magnet element. On the other hand, it counts in your front with a kanji that means love On the left side in honor of his uncle Yashamaru. Thus his red lock is isolated from the left part of the forehead to make this kanji more visible.

Thus, already contextualized, we get a vision of Gaara in mind. This user of Reddit called JerredKincaidTattoos is a Minneapolis tattoo artist who is dedicated to performing pieces of video games and animes in the skin of your customers. As we have already said, this time it was Gaara’s turn, with a traditional style where colors and defined lines prevail. Showing all its characteristics already mentioned, in addition to personify the pumpkin that carries the Fifth Kazecage in a terrifying way.

In addition to making Naruto tattoos, in his profile of instagram we will see designs of both Dragon Ball like My hero academia, all with a personal touch from the artist that will undoubtedly leave you indifferent. Besides this, there are also multiple Naruto tattoos swarming the internet. As, for example, the user who a whole back was tattooed giant picture of a Japanese Oni with Rinnegan’s eyes in homage to the Naruto anime. Thus, fans of the series are not indifferent to their fanaticism, but rather like to go further and experience new sensations that lead them to express their love for anime.