Genshin Impact: Fans Want To See Kuki Shinobu Run Like Naruto

With each new update of Genshin Impact Here are the first reveals of the characters that will be joining the game’s next update, and the release of version 2.6 has been no different for the popular RPG.

HoYoverse officially revealed two characters that will be joining the play in version 2.7, Yelan and kuki shinobu, just a couple of days before the release of the update adding the Abyss, and the two characters have already started seeing leaks hinting at their abilities and Constellations. Now, a recent trailer for Genshin’s new character Ayato has fans clamoring for one of the new members.

Yelan’s first performance and kuki shinobu on Genshin Impact gave a brief look at the history of the characters and their fit into the world of Teyvat. Yelan was introduced as a mysterious woman from Liyue who claims to work for the nation’s Ministry of Civil Affairs, while Shinobu was introduced as the underboss of the Arataki gang, led by the now-released Arataki Itto. Shinobu, in particular, has been popular due to her ninja theme and the heavy focus on Shuumatsu-ban ninjas in Ayato’s trailer has made fans want Shinobu to have an iconic ninja reference.

The idea was first suggested by the reddit user, with the request that Shinobu’s running form be the iconic “Naruto Run”, a reference to the hit anime. In Ayato’s trailer, the Shuumatsu-ban features prominently in the video, with various members of the secret ninja association running in a similar fashion, leading many fans to call for the obviously ninja-themed Shinobu to run as runs Naruto.

Genshin features a member of the Shuumatsu-ban, Sayu, as a playable character, though she does not have a career similar to Naruto’s.

The idea of ​​Shinobu having a career cycle similar to that of Naruto was well received by fans in responses to the post, with some expressing a wish for Genshin to feature more unique career cycles for each character. The game typically offers standard run cycles for characters of different builds, with most short, medium, and tall characters sharing similar cycles with each other.

Other fans were surprised and wowed by Sayu’s appearance during the trailer, as her brief on-screen appearance is easy to miss at first glance.