Goku vs Naruto: who wins? Dragon Ball Super answers the question!

In their respective manga, Naruto and Goku are the two most iconic and strongest heroes. Their power is such that fans are starting to invent theories. The most common of these is the famous question “if Goku and Naruto face each other, who will win?” »

The latest issue of Dragon Ball Super seems to close the debate, with the introduction of two new characters. Warning, this article contains spoilers on volume 80 of Dragon Ball Super!

Dragon Ball Super: the clash of Granolah and Gas

Volume 80 of Dragon Ball Super tells the continuation of the adventures of Granolah the Survivor. He is the last survivor of the Cerealians, a people massacred by Saiyan warriors under Frieza’s order. This event triggers an obsession with revenge in Granolah. He manages to defeat Goku and Vegeta, having inherited immeasurable power thanks to his planet’s two Dragon Balls.

Unfortunately, he will not have time to savor his victory. His accomplices, the Heeters gang, decided to betray him. The latter stole the two Dragon Balls and uses them to make Gas, a member of the gang, stronger than Granolah. Furious at being manipulated and betrayed by the Heeters, Granolah attacks and engages in a violent fight against Gas.

Granolah and Gas, alter egos of Naruto

In order to answer the question in the introduction, let’s analyze the fight between Granolah and Gas. In volume 80 of Dragon Ball Super, we see the two characters launch techniques similar to those of Naruto. For example, Gas is seen creating endless kunai and shuriken like Sasuke and Itachi in their final showdown. As for Granolah, he can create clones, like Naruto’s Kage Bunshin No Jutsu.

The reference with Naruto is therefore obvious. Logically, if Naruto holds the same power as Granolah, we have the answer to our question. Konoha’s genin will have no trouble defeating Goku, making him the more powerful between the two heroes. In addition to hand-to-hand combat, Naruto has a whole range of techniques compared to Goku. The kaméhaméha is certainly powerful, but will be insufficient against the dozens of jutsu of Naruto.

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