Group E or a chapter of Naruto • Workers

The definition of group E seemed like a sequel to the Japanese anime series Naruto: in a neutral village called Qatar, the Japanese Hokage Hajime Moriyasu ordered his ninjas to face a new multi-tailed monster that had destroyed the clan of Pura Vida and that He showed, through his teacher Luis Enrique, a large part of his Jutsus against the Teutonia Tanks.

Japan defeated Spain and advanced first in group E. Photo: Football Whispers

Moriyasu gathered his best warriors, the fastest and most bloodthirsty to face the tricks of the Red Beast, a specialist in hiding the ball, hypnotizing and doing damage when least expected.

Those from Aldea Nippon filled the battlefield with multiclones of shadow to affect the generation of the beast. They were everywhere and at times they succeeded and got the monster’s defense in trouble, they put pressure on Sensei Busquets and tried to stick their kunais.

But from a distance, Luis Enrique launched a Genjutsu materialized by his disciple Morata, headfirst, deactivating the archer Gonda’s chakras.

This scenario favored those from Teutonia, who were fighting with those from Pura Vida and had dealt a good blow through the mediation of Gnabry from Bavaria, who was finally able to beat the legendary Tico ninja Keylor Navas with a head Jutsu.

Musiala, the promising boy from Teutonia, was subduing his rivals with his illusory techniques, when the news arrived in sealed scrolls that the Japanese had dealt a great blow to the beast of Hispania.

As the legend tells, the tailed bugs tend not to know how to control their potentialities. And again, product of confidence, a chain of errors put Ritsu Dōan in front of Unai Simón’s bow and the fight was even.

Dōan released all his chakra and rotated behind the ball to unleash a Rasengan that crushed Simon’s fists.

Moriyasu knew that his jutsu based on the water element appeased the fire that fed Luis Enrique’s men. Three minutes later, Mitoma executed a high-level Genjutsu that convinced even the Var that the ball was inside, disconcerted the rivals, and assisted Tanaka who nailed the kunai hard into the opponent’s entrails.

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Controversial play before Japan’s goal. Photo: taken from Clarín

Meanwhile, the Ticos took advantage of Neuer’s loss of chakra and tied the game against Teutonia. A little more than those of the Pura Vida clan and those of Hispania and Teutonia stayed on the road, who did not assert the lineage of their clan full of historical myths.

Musiala and company kept pushing, but Navas’ fence did not fall and in another skirmish, through hand-to-hand combat, the second of the clan fell.

Luis Enrique invoked new warriors to guide the Red Beast. Asensio, Ansu, Ferrán… all unable to break Moriyasu’s sealing technique.

However, in the other arena, Flick, Hokage of Teutonia, put Havertz on the field, a hired assassin, who violated Navas’ arc on a couple of occasions and gave life to Hispania.

The battle between the Ticos and the Teutons left them without strength… They opened the eight internal gates and were out of the race to take the neutral village of Qatar.

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Germany beat Costa Rica 4-2, but both fell by the wayside. Photo: Getty

In the previews of the next chapter, the Japanese, who advanced first, cross paths with the Croatian clan from the Balkans, powerful warriors, led by the swordsman Modric San, capable of executing almost all types of known techniques.

Meanwhile, Luis Enrique’s Red Beast, wounded, will meet another dangerous monster, with fewer tails, but which has spread fear in the Qatari area: the Atlas Lions, representatives of the Moroccan Village. In those arid lands, it is rumored that the guide of the beast of Hispania used the Sharingan’s ability to predict, to take a path that would allow him to recover.