Grusha makes us fall in love with her own cosplay version of Sakura Haruno from Naruto: Shippūden

All Naruto fans know well the female character of Sakura Haruno, who despite not keeping up with her teammates from team 7, decided to dedicate her training to healing, with this and her great subsequent strength, she is known as one of the strongest Kunoichi and the best medical ninja in the world.

Something that seems really curious to us is the fact that Sakura Haruno became one of the students of the fifth Hokage after she dedicated her training to healing, so we can see that she obtained a great similarity with her teacher and plays a important role in the anime story and in the fourth ninja war, where we see her the most to take advantage of her healing potential.

Best of all, a large number of artists and models from the cosplay community have characterized themselves as this character and today he takes a leading role in an amazing cosplay by the beautiful Grusha, who shows us a never-before-seen version of the character. dear female character.

Being a medical ninja, her team can’t let her engage in battles, since if she gets hurt, her team risks dying. On the other hand, her second ability is her supernatural strength, which by focusing her chakra into her fists and releasing it, Sakura can reduce obstacles to rubble with great ease.

Sakura inherited a jutsu from Tsunade; Ninja art: creation of recognition, this jutsu can be used without manual seals, that is to say that it is instantaneous, this jutsu helps to create cells very quickly if they damage it, for which it regenerates automatically.

Grusha wore one of her most distinctive costumes, staring at the boost of confidence and impressively recreated this powerful ninja. We can also see that she is more cheerful, and we will not be surprised, because in her hand she is holding a bottle of sake, which is known to be one of her favorite drinks.