He takes his fanaticism for Naruto to the extreme and gets tattooed all over his back with this stunning design

If you thought you were Naruto’s number one fan, we’re sorry to tell you that, unless you’re this Reddit user, you are very wrong. We have already seen before awesome Naruto tattoos in some of his followers, as well as this illustration in homage to the character. However, today we bring you something different, and it is such an impressive tribute that has earned the number one spot on the Naruto fan list.

REddit user 172001X has published on the web an image in which he shows us his brand new tattoo. No, it is not a little reminder of your favorite anime. On this occasion the user has decided to tattoo the entire back with a giant image of a Japanese Oni with Rinnegan’s eyes, and the result has been spectacular. As you can see in the image, this is a tattoo that transmits a lot of power, and the addition of the Rinnegan to the equation has only made it improve infinitely many times.

According to the user in the image title, the tattoo was in charge of @abradark. As we see in his Instagram profile, his study is located located in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Also, if you happen to find yourself in that region, you will have to send him a direct message to be able to make an appointment. Secondly, the artist’s work is impressive, with a large part of his portfolio being well-known anime designs, as well as some other more abstract and darker things. The strokes are also noteworthy, offering a pretty cool result.

Naruto It is one of the most popular anime worldwide. Recently a user drew his characters in twelve different anime styles, and we have loved the result. However, no there is a doubt that you have to be a big fan to pay tribute to Naruto the way we show you today.