Here are the best gift ideas for a Naruto fan

Naruto. This name probably doesn’t mean much to you and yet you have a fan of this manga around you. Need one gift idea for a Naruto fan for Christmas Low price ? We are here to help you!

narutohas won millions of fans around the world and maybe someone in your family or one of your friends is one of them. Since the broadcast of the Japanese anime, a large number of derivative products have arrived in stores. Including on the site ofAmazonwhere you can find all sorts of collectibles.

Among them: sweatshirts and clothing in the colors of the Akatsuki gang. If you know little about this universe or simply if you are looking for an original idea that will surely please, here are several gift ideas to offer to a fan of the anime Naruto Shippuden.

A thermo-reactive mug for maximum energy in the morning

Did you know about thermo-reactive mugs? These are magic mugs that react and change upon contact with heat. This thermo-reactive mug naruto honors the main character of the manga Naruto Shippuden. When it is empty, only one character appears there. But in contact with a hot drink (tea, coffee, chocolate, etc.), several characters appear ! This will probably remind you of the cloning technique used by naruto.

Naruto thermo-reactive mug, ABYstyle. Price: €14.99 ABYstyle / E.Leclerc

It’s a simple gift ideato offer to a fan of narutobut useful in everyday life. This magic mug is not microwave or dishwasher safe, but will accompany you every morning to give you enough energy to face the day.

the Monopoly version naruto for wild parties at Christmas

the Monopoly is a classic board game. We spend hours there with family or friends to build houses avoiding the prison space. This Monopoly Naruto is entirely dedicated to the manga of the same name. The principle of the game is identical to that of the classic version of the Monopoly : do not go bankrupt.

Monopoly game Naruto, Winning Moves. Price: €40.42 Winning Moves / CDiscount

Gather between 2 and 6 players around the game board and discover the universe of naruto. Be strategist enough to be the richest player at the end of the game!

A second board game for those in a hurry

If you like to play, but long games of Monopoly tell you nothing, this game will please you. The big official game narutoSave Konoha is a cooperative game between players. The goal is quite simple: you must complete various missions to become a Ninja. It’s your turn build the best team to win the game!

Board game Naruto To the Rescue of Konoha, 404 Editions. Price: €16.95 404 Editions / Fnac

Contrary to Monopoly or the duration of a game is estimated at 1 hour 30 minutes, a game of this card game only lasts about 20 minutes. All Naruto fans will love this strategy game.

A sweatshirt to feel like a Konoha Village Ninja at Christmas

Sweatshirts are fashionable and popular with young and old alike, because they give a casual side, but are also very practical thanks to the presence of pockets. This hoodie naruto black CAPSLAB can be worn on a daily basis since it remains very classic while honoring the character of naruto.

It is therefore a original sweatshirt that you will wear during all your outings. Made of 60% cotton and 40% polyester, this hoodie is comfortable and pleasant to wear. The opportunity to dream of epic rides on the back of the dragon of Konohagakure.

Hoodie, Capslab. Price: €49.90 Capslab / La Redoute

A Pop Figure naruto

The pop figurines have invaded the windows and libraries of all in a few years. These are small objects with the effigy of characters from cartoons, series, films, trades… which are characterized by a large head. Obviously, the Funko Pop figure anime naruto running exist ! This gift idea for a fan of naruto is perfect, because it takes up little space and remains a collector’s item.

Figure Pop Naruto Uzumaki, Pop Animation. Price: €15.99 Pop Animation / Fnac

Don’t think this figure is just for kids. Pop figurines appeal to young and old. You can offer several to find all the characters of your favorite manga.

Coasters for an aperitif

If you are used to having family or friends over for a drink, you probably use coasters to protect your table. If this is not the case, you have to change that as soon as possible with these 4 coasters, all different from each other.

Show your passion for naruto with this set of coasters Naruto Shippuden from ABYstyle. Choose the emblem you like or who represents you the best and put your drink on the coaster made of cork. It’s a Christmas gift useful that will delight the biggest fans of Naruto Shippudenwho like to receive.

Set of Naruto Shippuden coasters, ABYstyle. Price: €30.34 ABYstyle / Conforama

What a gift idea for a fan of naruto will be under your tree? You have the choice with diverse and varied objects : from board games to hoodies, decorative accessories and objects for having a coffee or a drink.

Other gifts will also delight your Naruto fan at Christmas:

  • The manga series Naruto.
  • An Akatsuki t-shirt: for a child or an adult, this is the ideal gift idea to identify with their favorite characters.
  • A LED bedside lamp with the effigy of the character of Naruto or Sasuke: on Amazon, very beautiful models are already available.
  • A DVD set of all episodes of Naruto Shippuden

With these gifts, your fan of Naruto Shippuden will have an exceptional Christmas, believe us!

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