Hinata becomes an ANBU hunter with images of Naruto

It’s a shame that Hinata Hyuga was such a forgotten character in Naruto despite its importance in history. However, this incredible fanart does the character some justice by showing what Hinata would have looked like as an ANBU hunter, the Konoha special forces that are ready to face any inconvenience without hesitation.

Even though Hinata took a backseat throughout the story, especially with the start of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, this great illustration shows a very different future for the kunoichi. That is why Hinata wears the uniform of Naruto’s ANBU forces, a prestigious vigilante body of which other powerful shinobi have been a part. So we have for example Kakashi and Itachi.

Also Hinata is wearing the white mask of the Hell Squad, a mask worn by shinobi to hide their identity.. Being a squad of carefully selected ninjas, it is the Hokage who appoints them directly without exams, only according to their skills. And with this fanart we can see that Hinata had everything to become one of them:

Image: BOXENZ/Reddit

East fanart is the work of illustrator u/BOXENZ, who shared his cool version on Reddit. What do you think about it?

Of the many collaborations Naruto has had, Without a doubt, the blond ninja’s first smartphone is one of the most curious. That’s how it is, Realme introduced a device perfect for shinobi fans, especially those who like to really scream! next to Naruto. For now it is the only available model of this peculiar crossover, although we would not hesitate to get one if a Hinata model were announced.


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