Hinata cooled off in the river with a cosplay ideal for the heat

Hinata Hyuga is one of the best known characters in Narutobut its popularity exploded thanks to naruto shippudento the degree of being a frequent theme in the world of fan art Y cosplay.

Due to the time jump that the series had, this young kunoichi, like his companions, had certain modifications. Some of them were on a physical level because they appeared older and others just because of a change in style, something that was to be expected.

That is how hinata decided to forget about his original hairstyle and cut. In Shippuden It stands out for having long bluish-black hair, with bangs that cover its forehead and two locks that hang loose in front.

His attire also had changes. In addition to the normal outfit, she also wears a more military-style outfit for missions in the Hidden Leaf Village. But cosplay what we bring you now hinata hyuuga it’s different than usual.

Hinata cooled off in the river with a cosplay ideal for the heat
Font: Instagram.

What happens is that the cosplayer Nathy BabyPeach (@nathy_babypeach) decided to recreate it in a different way. It’s like going on a trip to the beach, although in this case it’s more of a river.

So he took the almost universally known image of this character from Naruto Y naruto shippuden and adapted one of his best-known outfits. He did this in the form of a swimsuit, as you can see in the photographs that accompany this note.

Hinata cooled off in the river with a cosplay ideal for the heat
Font: Instagram.

An ideal Hinata Hyuga cosplay for summer

How can they figure this out? cosplay of hinata hyuuga of naruto shippuden he keeps his hair black and maintains his normal costume coloring, with sections in purple, blue, and black.

Also some white lines to highlight the above. The cosplayer She also kept the whitish coloration of the eyes of this character, which is something typical of her and one of her most distinctive characteristics. She took into account the details.

He even wears the typical band with metal plate on the neck and his characteristic emblem. Despite the above, it cannot be said to be a cosplay attached to the work of Masashi Kishimoto.

But it is a refreshing and different way to see this character, who despite the passing of the years continues to maintain his great popularity. Like Naruto Uzumaki she is present in the continuation of the story, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.

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