How did Hashirama die?

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Most of the Hokage deaths in Naruto are explained: Tobirama Senju died as a diversion, Hiruzen Sarutobi perished using the Reapers Death Seal, as did Minato Namikazee. However, there is one Hokage whose end remains shrouded in mystery: Hashirama Senju.

No one knows how the first Hokage died, as neither the anime nor the manga address the details of his ultimate fate. Without any official evidence, fans had to speculate on the potential causes of his death. Using the information available on Hashirama, all sorts of theories and conclusions have been made over the years.

Who was Hashirama Senju?

Hashirama Senju was the leader of the powerful Senju clan, the only one strong enough to rival the Uchihas. He was also the co-founder of the Hidden Leaf Village, along with his old enemy, Madara Uchiha. The greatest tools in his arsenal were his signature Wood Style Jutsu and his mastery of Sage Jutsu. He then became the first person to bear the title ofHokage, the village chief and his best ninja. He is responsible for much of how the modern ninja world works, including the village system and rank-based assignments. He was a kind, humble and simple man, but he was also ready to kill anyone who threatened him, his clan or his village.

Why is Hashirama’s death a mystery?

Hashirama Naruto

Hashirama’s power is one of the main issues in determining the circumstances of his death. During his lifetime, he was the strongest ninja in history, earning him the title “God of Shinobi”.. His power will not be surpassed until the Age of Naruto, which comes long after his death. The only person who came close before that was Madarawho was taken out of harm’s way by Hashirama himself. Given his power, one wonders who or what could kill him.

What are Naruto’s best theories about Hashirama’s death?


If Hashirama died in battle, it could have happened in a number of ways. He may have been struck down by an overwhelming number of combatants, as the third Raikage; if he is really stronger than this Raikage, it would take a force of over 10,000 shinobi. He could also have been murdered, but seeing as Kakuzu canonically failed to do so, that also seems unlikely. Ithe could be seriously injured by Madara during their final fightl, which affected his performance in future fights and cost him his life. He may have performed a noble sacrifice, which would fit his character perfectly. Strong or not, there are many ways to die in battle.

Many believe that Hashirama died a natural death, either from old age or illness. Such a banal death would have no reason to be shown on screen, which would explain why it was never covered. It is also comforting to think that a man who spent his career seeking peace was able to pass away in peace.

However, natural death is often postponed due to the Reanimation Jutsu. This technique apparently returns people to the state they were in when they died, which includes their age and the clothes they were wearing. As Hashirama returned quite young and in armor, it is assumed that he died in battle. Again, considering how strong he was, it’s hard to believe.

There may be another explanation why Hashirama returned the way he did. After all, Madara was revived in a similar state, but his death is confirmed to be that of an old man in a robe. It is possible that, under the right circumstances, the user of the Reanimation Jutsu has some control over how subjects are brought back to life. This is because Hashirama and Madara were brought back to life by Orochimaru and Kabuto, respectively; one is a scientist and the other his successor. These two would probably try altering the resuscitation to bring Hashirama and Madara back to when they were at their best. This would also explain why Hiruzen was reanimated as an old man; no one had time to modify his body, so he returned exactly as he had died. If all of this is true, then the true cause of Hashirama’s death would reasonably remain a mystery.

Some have speculated that Hashirama suffered an ironic death due to his healing ability. According to Madara, he had regenerative abilities, and didn’t even need a wave of his hand to use them. The same technique, however, could have shortened his lifespan, either causing Hashirama to reach his Hayflick limit or creating malignant tumors.. It is also possible that Hashirama died of illness. Like Itachi and Kimimaro, he was able to contract something that cost him his life. Even the Shinobi God is not immune to disease.

The true cause of Hashirama’s death may never be revealed. For all the things that could kill him, there’s a way to say he could survive it. That’s why it’s so hard to imagine him dying.