How did his Naruto training improve more than his Jutsu?

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The story of Naruto follows the titular hero, Naruto Uzumaki himself, who is on a quest to prove himself the hero of Hidden Leaf Village as the Hokage. It’s his dream, but at first it seemed like the desperate wishful thinking of a lost and disoriented orphan. At first, Naruto was in no condition to become Hokage, even though he mastered every jutsu known to mankind.

Being a Hokage or even a team leader is much more than ninjutsu, and unlike Orochimaru’s methods, gaining physical power is not the path to greatness. By training his body to learn new jutsu, Naruto also sharpened his mind and reforged his soul, which was worth more than a thousand new jutsu. Naruto formed as a person – a person who was truly worthy of becoming Hokage.

Why Naruto Needs To Train His Mind

Any successful fictional hero is not only great in the power he wields, but in his personality, goals, discipline, and sincere desire to do good. Luke Skywalker’s Jedi training helped sharpen his spirit as a selfless savior capable of resisting the call of the Dark Side, while Jonathan Joestar’s Hamon training honed his body as well as his mind, transforming him from a reckless young man into a true hero who risked his life for others. Training in martial arts, Force, ninjutsu or anything else will always bring out the best in the person being trained, exercising their mind and forcing them to be their best for unleash its true power. That, along with a decent attitude, makes them responsible enough to wield that power properly, as Spider-Man’s Uncle Ben would say. This is especially true for protagonist Naruto Uzumaki, whose mind was in dire need of training.

Naruto worked hard at the ninja academy to master basic jutsu and throw shuriken like any other student, but he was training more than just throwing things. He trained his mind to have a stubborn, optimistic and self-reliant attitude, similar to that of Rock Lee. Naruto was a natural troublemaker who often lacked focus and purpose at the time, but his training at the academy laid the foundation for his future growth, and it paid off. Naruto not only had a lot of physical energy thanks to his natural chakra and Kurama’s powerful chakra, he also had unlimited mental energy and the proactive drive to get things done and change the world around him.

At first, Naruto’s energy was channeled in a destructive way, with Naruto being a jolly joker and troublemaker who enjoyed attracting attention, such as inventing the Sexy Jutsu or defacing the Hokage monument. A solitary and strong-willed orphan, Naruto was a naturally energetic person who needed an outlet, and without serious jutsu training, Naruto’s energy would get him into trouble. His mind was preoccupied with bad things, which frustrated Iruka Umino to no end. However, that all changed when Naruto was assigned to Team 7 and began his real training. The demands placed on Naruto were much higher, and the naturally energetic and proactive character channeled his energy like never before.

How Naruto’s Jutsu Training Fortified His Spirit


Like most shonen protagonists, such as Ichigo Kurosaki or Izuku Midoriya, Naruto Uzumaki went through many training sessions to become strong enough to defeat his enemies, but he benefited from that training more than Ichigo or Izuku. Naruto didn’t just train his body and chakra to perform incredible jutsu or martial arts – he trained his personality and mind, finding more constructive outlets for his boundless energy. Naruto had a new purpose, and that meant he no longer had time for pranks.

Through relentless training, Naruto redirected his mental energies into ninjutsu, instead of doing troublemaking nonsense, which made him more appealing as a shonen protagonist. Naruto’s pranks alluded to his tragically nice side, but those pranks also brought out his mean side, and Naruto’s life just went in circles. By focusing on serious training, Naruto learned the value of discipline and perseverance, and he also reaped the benefits of setting and pursuing meaningful goals. Naruto always dreamed of becoming Hokage, but it was a long-term aspiration, and he really needed a more immediate and attainable goal to sharpen his mind and body.

Any shonen-style training sequence is perfect for this. By learning to perform the Rasengan, inventing variants of the Rasengan, or entering hermit mode, Naruto made it a concrete goal to learn this jutsu, and the secondary goal was to defeat evil ninjas with these jutsu to save the day and impress everyone. It gave Naruto’s mind something constructive to focus on, and soon Naruto grew accustomed to this lifestyle and changed his attitude accordingly.

At first, he complained about the difficulty of learning the Rasengan, but he hung in there and exercised his mental muscles in the process. He became the kind of person who uses discipline, focus, and goals to accomplish his tasks, which allowed Naruto to move on to even harder training later on. These training sessions have reshaped not only Naruto’s arsenal of combat moves, but also his personality, and this is the most important advancement of all. This is how he saved the whole world from Madara Uchiha and Princess Kaguya Otsutsuki and finally became a truly worthy Hokage.