How did Naruto become the 7th Hokage?

Naruto’s ambition to become the Hokage reflected his parentage, as well as his desire for attention and approval on the part of a village who hated him. It could also remind Sarutobi and the fact thathe failed to really help the boy. Here’s a look at how young Naruto was and how she helped make him the seventh Hokage.

Naruto’s tragic childhood

Naruto Uzumaki is the son of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki. His mother was the current host of Nine-Tails, a powerful fox demon who was only held in check by her will. Unfortunately, during childbirth, Kushina was captured and the Nine-Tails was freed from her body, causing havoc in the village.

Both of Naruto’s parents died in the ensuing carnage, and Minato sacrificed his life and soul to seal half of Nine-Tails in Naruto in order to contain them. Unfortunately, the boy was left an orphan and could not benefit from the privileges that his parentage could have offered him. His birth was a mysterious event, kept out of public life, and he was given his mother’s maiden name to maintain the cunning that he was not the son of the Fourth Hokage.

Unfortunately, the whole village realized that he carried the destructive Kurama within him. The villagers despise Naruto and flee from him, treating him like a plague, as if he is the demon himself. He survives on a small allowance provided by some sort of village welfare system, but it’s not much.

Naruto had no real knowledge of who his parents were or why he was being rejected with such hatred by the village. His own ignorance of Kurama came from the fact that Hiruzen Sarutobi had forbidden anyone to mention the creature. This attempt to prevent children of Naruto’s age from hating him like their parents unfortunately backfired, as they avoided him just as much. However, Sarutobi does not appear to have participated in his upbringing, especially since he was barely present for his own children.

Naruto’s role as Hokage


His quest to become a Hokage may also have reflected a sort of resentment towards Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Hokage before Naruto’s father who took over the role after Minato’s death. Naruto was probably blaming him for not stopping the harsh treatment he was receiving from others, as well as failing to intervene when Naruto was barely doing on government aid. This is confirmed by the fact that he vandalized footage of Sarutobi at the start of the series. Ultimately, however, he respects the old man, and any resentment towards him doesn’t stop Naruto from being something of a big brother to Konohamaru, Sarutobi’s grandson.

In the end, all of the harsh treatment Naruto received from his peers and other villagers only made him more tolerant and compassionate towards others. People who laughed at him and looked down on him in the past are now part of Naruto’s group of friends. So, he becomes even more determined to become the next Hokage, and ends up achieving that goal by the end of the series. Sadly, this role prevents him from being with his family as much as he would like, ironically echoing what Sarutobi went through. Naruto is nonetheless a righteous and powerful leader, whose outlook on life is fueled by his unhappy upbringing.