How many chapters does Naruto have and what is the story about

Naruto is an anime that has managed to have a great success around the world. Currently there are very few people who do not know who the protagonist of this franchise is, since it has become so popular that even people who have not seen the anime recognize the character. This has caught the attention of many viewers who possibly want to see the series, but do not know how many chapters and seasons does Naruto have.

For this reason, today we show you All the information you need Know before you start watching Naruto so you can get an initial idea of ​​the plot of the series. This is sure to encourage you to see the entire Naruto story in order from the beginning, as it currently has 27 seasons and 911 chapters in total, which were available on platforms like Netflix.

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What is Naruto’s story about?

Naruto evolution over time

The franchise argument takes place in a ninja world, mainly focusing on a boy named Naruto Uzumaki, who is an orphan and wishes to become a Hokage (a ninja leader from the Leaf Village where he lives). He is someone reckless, charismatic, funny, stubborn, disciplined, correct, faithful and kind. Unfortunately, since childhood he has been hated and feared by the inhabitants of his town because within it one of the most powerful creatures of all has been locked with the aim of save the entire Leaf Village a long time ago.

The bearers of this power they are called jinchuriki, and in this case, Naruto carries within him the 9-Tailed Fox, also known as Kyubi, a being who has tormented all his life, but that as time passes he will learn to live with him and take advantage of him in complicated situations during his ninja career. Besides that, among all the others stands out for his desire to improve himself, save others and achieve your goal with great effort.

After giving all that effort to overcome the Ninja Academy, Naruto manages to form part of Team 7 consisting of Sakura Haruno and Sasuke Uchiha, led by Kakashi Hatake. During the course of the plot they fulfill missions, but a variety of enemies arise that cause problems for the ninjas of the Village of the Leaf. After finishing this anime, the plot continues with the sequels naruto shippuden where the story of almost adult teenage Naruto is shown and Boruto that tells the story of your child.

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How many chapters do Naruto anime have?

naruto evolution

Naruot –Naruto Shippuden –Boruto

exist 3 titles that tell the whole story Naruto from child to adult, although the best known are Naruto and Naruto Shippuden. Here we leave you how many seasons and total chapters they have, but you can also avoid all the filler chapters of Naruto.

  • Naruto – 9 seasons: 220 episodes.
  • Naruto shippuden – 17 seasons: 500 episodes.
  • Boruto: Naruto Next Generations – 1 season: 191 episodes (currently).

Why watch Naruto?


Naruto adulto de Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

If you are wondering why you should watch this anime, the reality is that there are many reasons to do so. First, it is a plot filled with much action, mystery, suspense, adventure and it has shocking plot twists that will keep you watching what will happen. On the other hand, the story is very inspiring and you can feel identified with some of the characters due to the great work they have done with the personality of each of them.

In short, Naruto makes you think about your lifeWell, seeing the life of a person who had no one, or anything, and seeing how with effort he achieves the things he sets out to do, is something that even motivates you and leaves you several lessons that you could apply in your life. Overcoming, effort, love, humility, perseverance and resilience are some of the things that Naruto will leave in you after seeing his great story.

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