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how naruto died


Naruto Uzumaki is a fictional character created for the manga and anime series, Naruto. The main character of the series, Naruto is a young ninja who struggles with the desire to be recognized and accepted by others. But he eventually realized his fate, and in the thrilling series finale, he died doing what he considered the right thing to do.

A Heroic Death

In the last episode of Naruto after many fights, Naruto faces his antagonist, the renegade ninja Tobi. At the start of the fight, Tobi attempts to use Kaguya’s power of Resurrection from the dead to revive Naruto’s defeated former enemies and bring them under his command. But Naruto does not give up and despite being handicapped by Tobi’s insurmountable strength, he fights with all his might, even sacrificing his own life to protect his loved ones.

Increased Power on Death

In the end, Naruto uses the power of Kaguya’s Resurrection from the dead to revive all the fallen, be they allies or enemies, and seal Tobi’s power forever. This last decision makes Naruto the hero of the story, achieving the fame and respect that he had always longed for.

Blessed by Heaven

Naruto’s death was blessed by the same heavens forever. After an epic battle, the world hailed his name and honored him as a hero and as the protagonist of history.


The death of Naruto Uzumaki is considered one of the most heroic in literature. It is an example of how a young person can struggle with the desire to be recognized and accepted by all. Even to the end, Naruto made sure that no one suffered for his actions, considering the well-being of others above his own.

Who killed Boruto?

Boruto on the verge of a nervous breakdown Kawaki, that brother of Boruto, tries to free him from his possession, but the result leads to having to make a hole in the chest and, to put it directly, kill Boruto so that the essence is removed and I can be reborn pure.

how naruto died

Naruto is a character from the anime series Naruto, which follows the life of a teenage ninja who seeks to become the Hokage of the village of Konoha. Naruto is known for his warrior values, generosity, and resourcefulness. On November 4, 2014, the original Naruto manga reached its final climax after almost 15 years.

defending the country

During the fourth Shinobi World War, Naruto was sent along with 9 bijuus to attack the Akatsuki army that had taken control of the Hidden Leaf Village. During the battle, Naruto literally absorbed all the energy of the planet and transformed into a new form of giant size. On his way back to Konoha, he was facing constant ambushes, until he finally reached a mountain next to Sasuke, where he faced to the commander of the secret village of the leaf, Tobi.

Naruto’s sacrifice

During the match, Naruto volunteered to be trapped by the Bone King, so that Sasuke could destroy him. The King of Bones was some kind of Sasuke’s Jutsu that kept certain creatures under his control. After being trapped by the King of Bones, Naruto was transported to another realm and unable to return to Konoha.

naruto’s death

After saying goodbye to his friends, Sasuke used his best technique, called Chidori, to free Naruto from the Bone King’s control. But even after having freed Naruto, he was not able to return to the world of the living since the King of Bones had turned him into some kind of immortal being. Sasuke, in turn, decided to sacrifice his own life to save Naruto and thus died trying.

Naruto’s Legacy

Naruto left a legacy as one of the best ninjas that ever lived, an example of nobility and commitment to the Konoha village. Despite his passing, Naruto’s values ​​and teachings will live on forever, inspiring new generations to fight for what they believe in and never give up.

  • Worth: Naruto always showed courage despite the fears and dangers. He was one of the first to fight the enemy when the village was invaded.
  • Generosity: Naruto never expected anything in return when helping others, and was always willing to give his life for what was right.
  • Loyalty: Naruto did not stop supporting and believing in others despite his own personal situation. He was there when they needed him most.
  • Determination: He never gave up in his fight to achieve his dream of becoming the Hokage of the Konoha village.