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How to Watch Naruto Chronologically

Part 1: Watch the First Series

Naruto is an anime with a trajectory of many years. If you want to watch it in chronological order, there are many ways to do it. This guide will show you how to watch the full anime series chronologically:

  • FirstWatch Naruto and Naruto Shippuden, which picks up where the first series left off. This series follows the adventure of Naruto from his childhood to his teenage years.
  • Second, watch Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. This is a direct continuation of the Naruto story, with Naruto’s son as the protagonist.
  • ThirdCheck out the epilogues and short stories. This suspenseful series looks at some critical scenes in the Naruto story through the eyes of the main characters.

Part 2: Watch Movies and OVAs

In addition to the main anime series, there are several movies and OVAs based on Naruto. This is best seen between seasons of the series for a better understanding of the story:

  • FirstCheck out all three movies based on the key events of the first series: Naruto: The Last of Us, Road to Ninja, and The Last: Boruto the Movie.
  • SecondCheck out the four OVAs from the first series that take place between the key events of the series.
  • Third, check out the 6 Shimyurau Productions OVAs with the same distribution. These are direct sequels to the first series and take place in between the key events of it.
  • Fourth, watch the film from Shimyurau Productions. This is the last film before the appearance of the OVAs from Shinmyurau Productions.

Part 3: Additional Considerations

  • It is recommended to read the manga before watching the anime series, since it contains the story in a more detailed and complete version.
  • It is also recommended to check out the various Naruto spin-offs that have been produced over the years, such as Naruto SD and Rocky Boy’s Flash.
  • Most of the movies don’t have much value as part of the story, so you don’t need to watch them if you’re not interested in the narrative.

We hope this guide has helped you see Naruto chronologically. If there’s something you don’t understand about the content, don’t hesitate to ask!

Which is first Naruto or Naruto Shippuden?

In the following information, we tell you how you have to see them chronologically and we talk a little about the synopsis of each one of them. The first anime has a total of 220 episodes while Naruto Shippuden and Boruto: Naruto Next Generations have 500 and 191 episodes (currently), respectively.

Naruto is the first anime in the franchise. It tells the story of Naruto Uzumaki, a young man seeking recognition from his fellow villagers in Konoha. Although he is a novice ninja, he gradually develops skills and learns the truth about his past.

Naruto Shippuden is the second series of the anime, where Naruto returns two years after spending time traveling with Jiraiya. He is no longer a little boy looking for recognition, but a seasoned ninja. The anime is about Naruto’s quest to rescue his friend Sasuke from the Akatsuki clan.

Regarding the chronology, the order is: Naruto, Naruto Shippuden and then Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.

How should the Naruto series be watched?

Naruto: How to watch the entire series in chronological order? Watch episodes 1 to 5 of the anime, Continue with the first OVA of the saga: Find the red four-leaf clover!, Watch episodes 6 to 19 of the anime, Later continue with the television special Naruto: The Cross Roads and then watch episodes 20 to 32. Then continue with The Lost Tower (OVA), Then Naruto Shippuden: Episodes 33 to 57. Then watch its third OVA: Team 7 Assembles!, Then watch episodes 58 to 71 of Shippuden, Continue with the remaining Shippuden episodes from 72 to 500. Finally, check out the latest OVA: Team 7’s Farewell!

What’s next after the Naruto series?

There are two movies: The Last and Boruto. The first one takes place before the last episode of Naruto Shippuden, I think between 693 and 694, two years after the ninja war. Boruto, meanwhile, after the end of the manga. Oneshots and short stories have been adapted into the Boruto anime. There is also the anime Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. I hope this helps.

How to watch Naruto chronologically

If you want to watch the Naruto anime series in chronological order, there are a few steps you need to follow. Understanding the complexity of his world and the history of it will not be easy, but with the right information, you will know how to do it.

Step 1: decide which combo you want to see

As a Naruto fan, there are quite a few options you have to enjoy this series. These are the main options:

  • Original Naruto (Shippuden): This is the main timeline of chapters, which contains the original story composed by Masashi Kishimoto, as well as the closing of the story, which ends with the 500th chapter of Shippuden. Contains more than 200 episodes.
  • Classic Naruto: This refers to the original Naruto story, from the first chapters to chapter 220.
  • Naruto Movies: There are 6 movies related to the Naruto saga, described chronologically as follows: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow, Legend of the Stone of Gelel, Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom, Shippuden the Movie, The Will of FireY The Lost Tower.
  • Naruto OVAs (Shorts): These are some chibi-style animated short films related to this saga.

Step 2: Establish the correct chronological path

This is the official chronological list of the Naruto saga:

  1. Chapter 1 – 220 (Classic Naruto)
  2. Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow (Movie)
  3. Chapters 221 – 241 (Naruto Shippuden)
  4. Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom (Movie)
  5. Chapters 264 – 279 (Naruto Shippuden)
  6. Legend of the Stone of Gelel (Movie)
  7. Naruto Shippuden (OvA) Chapters 111 – 119
  8. Naruto Shippuden (OvA) Chapters 286 – 295
  9. Naruto Shippuden Chapters 280 – 283
  10. Shippuden the Movie (Movie)
  11. Naruto Shippuden Chapters 296 – 302
  12. The Will of Fire (Movie)
  13. Naruto Shippuden Chapters 303 – 320
  14. The Lost Tower (Movie)
  15. Naruto Shippuden Chapters 321 – 500

Be sure to follow the chronological list and only go from top to bottom.

Step 3: Start watching

You already have the chronological list with the information you need to see the series from the beginning to the end. Enjoy the adventure of Naruto and his friends in this amazing and exciting world.