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How to watch Naruto without filler on Netflix

Naruto fans will finally be able to enjoy the action without filler on Netflix. This is great news for fans who were let down by having to wait for each episode to end so they could skip the pointless or filler moments of Naruto. Netflix now offers the opportunity to watch the anime without interruptions.

What is filler in Naruto?

Filler refers to scenes or parts of the anime where the narrative is extended to provide more information without adding anything real to the story. This is usually an endless moment between major events and character development. Usually this is because the anime is trying to “fill” the gap in order to reach the episode goal.

How to watch Naruto without filler before Netflix

Although it may sound difficult, there are a few ways to watch Naruto without filler before it was available on Netflix. Some of these ways are:

  • Watch the anime online: there are many reliable websites where you can watch anime without filler, such as Crunchyroll, that offer the version without filler. However, the video quality is not as good as many would like.
  • Watch the anime on DVD: there are some DVDs that offer the unfilled version of Naruto. Although DVDs often have better picture quality than viewing available online, they can still be expensive.
  • See the Blu-ray version: this option also offers the unfilled version of Naruto. The good thing about this option is that usually, the sites that sell Blu-rays offer a special offer that makes it affordable.

How to watch Naruto without filler on Netflix

To watch Naruto without filler on Netflix you just have to search for the series title and select the version without filler. This version will not have any of the irrelevant scenes and plots shown in the regular version. This version will also skip some basic elements like the “credits” at the end of an episode.

Another advantage of this version is that Netflix offers it in HD, so there is no need to worry about image or audio quality. This is the perfect option for Naruto fans who want to experience the anime without filler.

What are the filler chapters of Naruto Shippuden on Netflix?

In the case of ‘Naruto’ and ‘Naruto Shippuden’ we find that of the 720 chapters that make up both series, almost 280 episodes are completely filler or practically filler with some important scene from the manga that even goes unnoticed. These episodes are on Netflix to complement the overall viewing experience of the series, but it doesn’t highlight most of these filler episodes, so mentioning them explicitly isn’t possible. Instead, you can watch the main chapters that Netflix gives.

Where can I watch the entire Naruto Shippuden saga without filler?

One of the currently most recommended options to watch the animated version of Masashi Kishimoto’s manga after Netflix is ​​the popular Crunchyroll anime streaming service where you can enjoy all of Naruto, its 9 seasons; Naruto Shippuden, its 20 seasons; and from Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, …

How to Watch Naruto Without Filler on Netflix

If you are a fan of Naruto, then you might be frustrated that there is a lot of filler content that goes along with it. Fortunately, there are ways to watch Naruto’s best moments without needing to deal with endless minutes of filler.

How To Watch Naruto Without Filler On Netflix

1. Find the version without padding – Many Netflix users are unaware that there are two versions of Naruto available to watch. One of them contains all the original content, including the filler moments, while the other version removes the filler episodes, so the entire content looks more liquid. To make sure you’re watching the non-filler version, check the episode list before watching the series.

  • The unfilled version is titled Naruto Shippuden Uncutand has a total of 500 chapters.
  • The stuffed version is called Naruto Shippuden: Catch-up Editionand consists of 310 chapters.

two. use the markers – Netflix has a useful tool called bookmarks. This is a good way to bookmark the episode you want to return to instead of searching through the season’s episodes when you want to watch the show again. Bookmarking an episode will jump right to the beginning of the episode for you to watch again, without needing to watch the filler again.

3. Skip filler chapters – If you don’t want to use bookmarks, you can also skip filler episodes manually. This can be done by scrolling through the scroll bar to the episode you want. If you follow this strategy, it is important that you always review the list of episodes before selecting the one you want to watch.

Netflix has a lot to offer Naruto fans, but don’t settle for bad content! By following these simple tips, users can enjoy the best moments of the series without having to mess around with filler.