How was Kakashi Hatake’s childhood in the Naruto anime

Naruto is one of the most popular anime and manga series in the industry, and its characters have earned the affection of many fans around the world, and today we will delve into one that has been present since the first episodes, being this Kakashi Hatake.

Something that seems quite striking to us is that Kakashi, better known as Kakashi-sensei, is one of the main figures in anime, both for his impact on the main characters and for his combat skills. This is the reason we see him in so many Naruto games.

For many a talented fighter, for others the best in the series. This time we will explore in depth the background of Kakashi Hatake, taking into account what he experienced in his childhood, we will try to generalize a little to avoid spoilers, in case you have not finished seeing it in its entirety.

Understanding Kakashi Hatake’s Childhood

It must not have been easy being little Kakashi. From a young age he was an admirer of his father, Sakumo Hatake, one of the most respected ninja in the Leaf Village. He had won so much in the war that he was known to all as the Bench Fang of Konoha and came to have a reputation as prestigious as that of the three Sanin.

Sakumo was the perfect father: strong, talented, and extremely kind; though this caused him to fall from grace. On a mission, Sakumo decided to save his companions instead of fulfilling his mission. This, as honorable as he seemed, was against the codes of the ninja world and earned him the dislike of everyone in the village.

Soon he was unable to participate in missions or leave his home, and after the decline of his skills, social pressure led him to end his life. After this, young Kakashi was left alone. But Kakashi was also extremely talented, reaching adult ranks at a very young age.

However, unlike his father, Kakashi had made the decision to abide strictly by the ninja code in order to avoid disgrace. Thus, after many lonely training sessions and nights of lamentation, Kakashi joined Minato Namikaze’s ninja team as a frivolous and determined boy. Nothing was more important to him than fulfilling his mission, not even his companions.