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Hunter x Hunter It is one of the best received series, both critically and financially, of the company Shueisha. Although 23 years have passed since its arrival on the pages, the story of Gon and his quest to become a Hunter like his father, has not stopped generating new followers and even his manga already exceeds 78 million copies sold.

Hunter x Hunter

Any anime and manga fan of Hunter x Hunterwill certainly remember Hisoka Morow. The magician and antagonist who always seeks to confront the most talented and powerful. What sometimes helps or hurts Gon and his friends, which in addition to making him a great villain, makes him interesting due to his unpredictable acting.

Other ways to see Hisoka from Hunter x Hunter

The character of Hisoka has been so popular that it has been placed in the first position of the most beloved villains in the series. It also has a spin-off manga where we are told about his past, which was made by the creator of Tokyo Ghoul.

It is undoubtedly because of this popularity of the antagonist of Hunter x Hunter, that the instagram artist Anime Skecth Art has decided to pay tribute to the villain. For this, he has put his drawing skills into action, to introduce us to Morow with the animation styles of different animes, such as Shingeki no Kyojin, One Piece and Studio Ghibli.

Hunter x Hunter This is what Hisoka would look like

Of all these versions, we must admit that the ones we like the most are those inspired by Bleach, Kimetsu no Yes and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Since, in our opinion, they make the villain of Hunter x Hunter look scarier. Especially that of Bleach, since it makes us think that he could be a great adversary that he faces Ichigo.

It is the first time that the artist represents a character from Hunter x HunterMaybe he recently started watching his anime or reading his manga, so maybe soon we will see him drawing other of his characters. If you liked his art or you like anime in general, maybe you should take a look at his feed, which is full of works inspired by Japanese animation.

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